Zen Therapeutic ZT2000Flat Singing Bowl 14.5" #zt2000flatc2195

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Zen Therapeutic Series Flat 2000 Singing Bowl 13.75" #zt2000flatc1730

Size: 13.75" diameter x 4" high

Weight: 1730 grams

Average Rim Thickness: 1.6 mm

The ZT2000Flat is called symphonic due to the lack of a fundamental tone but rather all tones at prominent levels simultaneously. Notes below 60 Hz are rarely noticed by more than their dampening of other surrounding tones as the waves are felt rather than heard.

The main tones found in this bowl include F# 47 Hz, C 129 Hz, and G 394 Hz.

This purchase includes a free carry bag and a Felt Mallet shown in the picture above.

The sound sample is of the actual product.

Zen Singing Bowls

Zen Singing Bowls uses ancient secret traditions, the highest quality virgin metals, and modern science to formulate what is known as “the perfect singing bowl”. The Zen Singing Bowl unique custom production process has been engineered to create the most precise singing bowls available in the world. Each of our bowls is carefully designed and then hand created by the most skilled metal artisans. Our strict quality control process insures the highest standards in every step of production. Zen Singing Bowls is the only manufacturer that provides a true Fair Trade Handcrafted Himalayan Singing Bowl.

Zen Singing Bowls are used professionally in the fields of relaxation, music therapy, health care, meditation, education, massage, spa, counseling, motivation, self help, and sound therapy.

Zen Singing Bowls - Therapeutic Series

The “Therapeutic Series” was meticulously designed for Vibrational Sound Therapy. Using Zen “Therapeutic Series” Singing Bowls can aid in:

-Inducing a deep state of relaxation

-Diminishing sleep disorders and depression

-Relieving tension and blockages

-Developing greater inner harmony

-Freeing the body of ailments, daily stress, sorrows, and fears

-Increasing creativity, clarity, and confidence

-Triggering the body’s natural self healing

-Calming the mind, body, and spirit in conjunction


For information on Singing Bowl Classes and Vibrational Sound Therapy, click here.

For more information on the symphonic tuning of Himalayan Singing Bowls, click here.