Sunreed Instruments Music Education Scholarship Award


Sunreed Instruments

Music Education Scholarship Award

Sunreed Instruments is proud to announce its first Annual Music Education Scholarship Award.

Each year, with the assistance of Green Mountain Union High School, one recipient will be chosen from the graduating class, to receive a $1000 Scholarship Award, who shows excellence in music education, overall academic achievement, exhibits a general sense of wellness, and excels in personal and interpersonal skills.

This year’s award was presented Friday night, June 11, at GMUHS graduation, to senior Jonathan Oakes of Ludlow. Jonathan plays the clarinet, and will be attending DePaul University majoring in Musical Performance. We congratulate him for his excellence in music, education, and personal conduct, and send the best wishes for him in his pursuit of a musical career.

Sunreed Instruments® is a small Chester based, service-oriented business. Sunreed provides specialized world musical instruments and educational and therapeutic services in the field of music and sound healing. Their business has grown out of their own enriching experiences in world musical traditions and instruments. These experiences inspired Sunreed to share these instruments and experiences with others. Through the over 40 years they have been in business, they have discovered, even more, the enjoyment and fulfillment that mindful music can bring to one’s life.

Since before Plato, musicians and music educators have shared the great benefit of music for our youth, to our overall learning potential, and how music can benefit our sense of fulfillment and well-being in our lives. In modern times, science and medicine are verifying their ancient insights, while also finding increasing ways in which the intentional use of sound and music can benefit us, from explicit health applications to use in meditation and holistic arts, and achieving that greater sense of well-being.

To further that goal, the staff at Sunreed are honored to present this scholarship to Jonathan, to be used toward his higher education in the year 2021-2022.

Sunreed wishes to express their gratitude for the opportunity to share with members of their community, and we pray it will serve Jonathan and others in the future, to discover even more fully the benefit music can bring to our lives, to the lives of those we love, and to our greater community at large.

Congratulations to Jonathan!