The Foundations Of Sound Healing - Certificate Of Training

copy-of-centerpics.pngEarn A Certificate Of Training with The School Of Sound Healing 4 Class Online Course The Foundations Of Sound Healing

The Center Of Light And Sunreed Instruments has offered The School of Sound Healing for over 20 years, training professionals in the art of therapeutic sound healing. The programs are led and taught by Zacciah Blackburn, a true grandfather of the discipline, who developed his sound healing practice in the 1970s and has instructed therapeutic practitioners since the 1990s. The programs are designed to give you in depth experience with sound healing instruments in the context of meditation and mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as explore in detail the history of sound healing and its modern day science. Students come away from these programs with a exploration of the relationship between sound and consciousness, and sound and spiritual evolution. Zacciah asks the big questions. What is sound? What is consciousness? What is healing? Who are we? What are we here for? Our current certificate of training program is The Foundations Of Sound Healing, a 4 class online course in Therapeutic Sound Healing

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Learn About Class 2 - Creating Your Sound Healing Practice

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