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Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide

 Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide


Made In The USA

We only sell tuning forks made in the USA, whose manufactures have proven to use high quality metal alloys for long lasting durability and integrity of tone.


What Hz Frequency Is Best For Tuning Forks? 

Tuning forks have been used for centuries by musicians to tune instruments. Surprisingly, there are examples of people using tuning forks for healing for centuries as well, though tuning forks came into prominence as a healing modality within the last thirty years. 

There are many ways people use tuning forks and many belief systems that go into using them, utilizing a variety of hz values, for example: 432hz, 444hz, 111hz, 136.1hz, 128hz or 528hz. If using tuning forks for a sense of well-being and clearing of energetic states, there is not enough evidence beyond conjecture to show that one hz value is better than another. We at Sunreed Instruments, have found that the conditions for spiritual healing are found in our own awareness, and we must learn the skillful means of utilizing our awareness, rather than relying on a specific frequency. For example, the many Buddhas have attained mental clarity from their own skillful means, rather than being exposed from any outside sound frequency that created peace. It is clear that sound works to help clear energetic states, when used with the correct quality of attention, though we would not say that a single specific hz frequency is necessarily more effective than another. We recommend to our students to feel into different sounds, and find sounds that they really enjoy working with, rather than just utilizing sounds they are told they should use. 

There are some cases where specific hz frequencies are needed. For example, there are many scientific endeavors utilizing tuning forks for physiological health. Experiments are being conducted with tuning forks for a wide range of physical health issues, such as utilizing specific frequencies for curing Alzheimer's disease, to cleaning the Bronchial tract. In general, if you want to work with binaural stimulation such as Theta or Gamma waves, you will need tuning forks that are specific hz frequency apart. Further, if you would like to use harmonics, such as the perfect fifth, the forks needs to specific frequencies apart. Below we detail specific tuning fork sets that work well in using harmonics, as well as binaurals.

There is as well a genre of tuning forks that work with easing muscle and joint pain. Examples of these tuning forks are the Otto 128, 64 and 32 tuning fork, as well as the Low Ohm Tuning Fork. It is not clear if these tuning forks need to be specific hz frequencies in order to alleviate physical tension, and is more likely that these tuning forks are reportedly effective because they are generally larger in size. Because they are larger in size, they produce more vibration, and can transmit more vibration into the body, which would presumably be more effective than a smaller fork. 

Below we go through various tuning fork sets we recommend, whose hz frequencies need to be specific in order to produce the correct result. These are tuning fork sets we’ve found to be effective, and/or to be backed by scientific and historical evidence. 


Weighted vs Unweighted Tuning Forks

Tuning forks have traditionally been made unweighted. The prongs are struck, and vibrate producing an audible tone when placed close enough to the ear, or on the body near the head. Adding weights to the end of the prongs adds some advantages. The weights create more surface area to strike the tuning forks and make them vibrate. The weights increase the vibration, allowing for more vibration to then be transferred into tissue. The weights do not decrease the volume of the fork, which can still be heard audibly if placed close to the ears or on the body near the head. Both weighted and unweighted tuning forks are excellent choices for sound healing.



Which Tuning Forks We Recommend, and Why  

Harmonic Tuning Fork Sets 

body-tuners.jpgHarmonic relationships are a foundation to modern sound healing. Harmonics are simple mathematical relationships between two notes. When the notes are played together, they harmonize into an uplifted tone, and generally make us feel good. In our personal work, the perfect fifth, which represents a simple 3:2 ratio, is used at almost every meditation. It is clear from our years of work that the perfect fifth relaxes the nervous system, allowing our clients to make easily ease out of tension, into uplifted mental states. 

The perfect fifth is used by many proponents of tuning forks. The Body Tuners, perfect fifth pairing of C and G, are the foundational tuning forks for the work of John Beaulieu, who has studied the effect the perfect fifth has on relaxing our nervous system, and even helping to release nitric oxide improving our circulation, giving us a sense of warmth and well-being. 

There are 4 main harmonics that we use in our work, the third, fourth, fifth and octave. Each of these represented simple mathematical relationships, and come together to illicit beautifully uplifted environments to meditate in. 

For harmonics, we suggest the body tuners as a foundational set of forks to use, one placed next to either ear. There is also the ohm octave set. These are two forks, one playing the historical hz value for ohm, and one playing an octave higher, which is very beautiful. Next, we sell harmonic sets in 440hz and 432hz tuning that can be bought in 2 fork sets to 5 fork sets.


 Binaural Tuning Forks 

tuning-fork-1.jpgTheta, alpha, beta, gamma and delta waves represent different ranges of frequencies, that are produced and present in the working of our brain. Scientists have studied these waves produced in our brain through EEG technology, showing that different wave frequencies represent different functions of our brain. Theta waves for example are involved in daydreaming and sleep. If they are suppressed, their can be poor emotional awareness and stress. In optimal amount, theta waves can support intuition and relaxation. Gamma waves on the other hand represent the fastest brain activity, and are related with cognitive functioning. 

Binaural stimulation is the subject of serious scientific study. For example MIT has begun research on using gamma waves in order to help Alzheimer’s disease, studying the relationship between gamma wave stimulation and memory. There have also been experiments with binaural stimulation that show a relationship between the use of binaurals and increase wakefulness and relaxation. 

Binaural waves are produced intentionally by presenting two tones that are specific frequencies apart from each other. Binaural wave therapies intentionally produce certain theta, alpha, beta, gamma or delta waves, in order to stimulate the production of these waves from our brain, which has shown to be effective. 

In our personal work, pairing theta binaural stimulation with meditation, we have found it very profound. While using theta stimulation with meditation, we have found generally theta stimulation supports nonattachment to thoughts, allowing for deeper meditation.

We have produced our own Sunreed Gamma Wave Tuning Fork sets. The fundamental note of the set is tuned to the classical hz frequency for Ohm, followed by another fork exactly 40hz apart, creating a gamma binaural. Another option for using binaurals with tuning forks are the Brain Tuners, which have Theta, Alpha, Beta and Delta options.


Sunreed’s Clear Path Tuning Fork Set

clear-path-set.jpgThe Sunreed Clear Path set is based off of two specific frequencies, that when used together are supposed to clear the biofield of all non-beneficial energy. These frequencies were discovered by a scientist, a “biogeometrist” who has spent his life discovering how shapes literally balance biological energy fields.

These tuning forks first came to us years ago through a friend, who introduced them to Zacciah Blackburn, the owner of Sunreed. Zacciah had a cat who unfortunately formed a cancerous tumor. These tuning forks were used on the cat for one week, and miraculously the tumor went away. The doctor, who had given the cat two months to live, could not explain how this happened. The tuning forks were thus used on the cat every day for 6 months. After 6 months, the cat began to refuse the tuning forks, and reformed the tumor, and died.

From that point, we developed the clear path tuning forks, which we have been told from many people, have truly supported their lives. The tuning forks have to be used together, on the body, at the same time to be effective.