Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide

Tuning Fork Purchasing Guide

Tuning forks have been used for centuries by musicians to tune their instruments. There have been examples of people using tuning forks for healing for centuries as well, though tuning forks came into prominence as a healing modality within the last thirty years.

There are many ways people use tuning forks and many belief systems that go into using them. There are two types of tuning forks people use, weighted and non-weighted. The weighted tuning forks have a weight attached to the end of the tuning fork arms. This weight gives more vibration to the fork, so when the end of the tuning fork is pressed into the body, the receiver can easily feel the vibration going into their body, and the vibration may more readily enter ligaments and body tissue. The non-weighted tuning forks are generally used to listen to. They create a quiet sound and can be heard easily when you put them up to some one's ears or around their head. 

Below are recommendations for both non-weighted and weighted tuning forks, along with basic methodologies for using these various tuning forks.

Weighted Tuning Fork Recommendations 

We recommend a variety of weighted tuning forks. A basic methodology for weighted tuning forks is to vibrate them, and place the end of the tuning fork into tissue in an area that has an ache. By just meeting the vibration that is going into the body with an intention for healing can bring about relief. Weighted tuning forks can as well, by a trained professional, be used on pressure points and acupuncture points.  We have heard of acupuncturist having great results with this non-invasive method of treatment.

Sunreed has designed and manufactured a whole line of weighted tuning forks. These would be the: 

Sunreed Binaural Tuning Fork Sets, 

Sunreed Harmonic Tuning Fork Sets,

Sunreed's 8 Fork Tuning Fork Sets and the 

Sunreed Clear Path Tuning Forks

There is a deep amount of information on each of these tuning fork sets within each of the product page, and recommend clicking the links to the products to read more. 

Luna Octave Tuning Fork Set is rich with possibilities. The set comes with two tuning forks set one octave apart. This means that the set is naturally highly harmonic and can be used in a similar manner to non-weighted tuning forks. Just tapped each fork and setting the forks up to the ears, and pairing that vibration with an intention for healing can bring an experience of great ease and relaxation to the entire body. Further, the tuning forks can be used as a pair on tissue and ligaments around the body. The tuning forks will ease tension in tissue and ligaments, and bring a sense of relief to the body.

The 128hz Weighted OTTO Tuning Fork excellent choice. It has been shown that using this tuning fork on tissue helps to release nitric oxide, which is an important aspect of our immune system, raises blood supply and lowers blood pressure, meaning that using this tuning fork daily may have health benefits. Alongside of this tuning fork we recommend purchasing the book Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks to get detailed information on the use of this tuning fork.

Non-Weighted Tuning Fork Recommendations

A basic methodology for non-weighted tuning forks is to place the tuning forks up to your own or a patients ears. It has been shown by just positively listening to the sound of the tuning forks with an intention of healing is a relaxing experience that puts a person in a state of calm concentration. From this place of calm concentration, the person's various physiology functions more naturally, and a person is as well able to exit mental patterning and "re-tune" their nervous system towards alternate behavior.

The ease of these tuning forks is that they can fit nicely into a bag or a pocket and can be taken along with you where ever you go. Whenever you feel you would like to tune into the present moment and relax and refocus, you can use these tuning forks with the above method for a quick retuning.

Our highest recommendation is the Beginner's Body Tuner set of non-weighted tuning forks. This tuning fork set includes a C and G tuning fork. These tuning forks when used together on either ear create the Perfect Fifth. The Perfect Fifth is one of the most basic and harmonic of musical intervals. It is an interval that people universally agree is uplifting and joyous. There has been research that suggests that listening to the Perfect Fifth interval naturally brings the nervous system into a state of ease.

Our second recommendation is the Brain Tuner set of non-weighted tuning forks. The Brain Tuners come with 5 forks, a fundamental note and 4 other tuning forks for making the Theta, Alpha, Beta and Delta brain wave states. When you strike the fundamental and one of the other tuning forks in this set, and listen to the two vibrating together, one in each ear, your brain will naturally align itself with the corresponding brain state. This tuning fork set is perfect for anybody looking to go into a state of deep meditation (Theta) or need to focus on studying for a test (Alpha).

Our third recommendation is the Solar Harmonic Spectrum set of non-weighted tuning forks. The Solar Harmonic Spectrum set is the full C major scale tuned to Pythagorean tuning. You will receive the notes C-D-E-F-G-A-B. Here you will receive a wide variety of harmonic potential in mixing and matching the tuning forks. We suggest purchasing this set alongside of the book Human Tuning: Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. This book contains the complete protocols for using each of these tuning forks in a therapeutic setting. Another amazing method with this set is holding three tuning forks in each hand and striking the tuning forks together. When the tuning forks are struck together, rather then on the knee, they create a wide variety of overtones that can be heard through a room.