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Tuning Forks

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Tuning forks are one of the fastest growing areas of therapeutic sound methods.  There is a growing body of research on their effectiveness in application to mood disorders, states of relaxation, chronic joint discomfort, pain relief, even the latest science on their effect on nitric oxide release in our cellular cycles.  The non-weighted forks are best used for their acoustical effect (listening.)  The weighted forks (extra weight visible on the end) carry vibration deeper into tissue, so excellent for direct therapeutic use in relation to our physiology, work with the chakras, etc.  The extra area covered by our Crystal Attenuators, coupled with the use of crystal energy, and the Flower of Life sacred geometry used in the Attenuators, accentuates the effectiveness of the weighted forks (and are designed to fit most tuning forks.)

Ask us about the differences and best selections from our large line of Biosonics tuners, Ohm Therapeutics, Meinl, and other brands, including our own Clear Path tuners (used specifically to 'clear non-beneficial energies' from their vibrational field.)

Zacciah's picks:  For a starter set, I love the non-weighted Body Tuner's perfect fifth for deep relaxation.  For weighted forks, I love the "Luna Octave" set from Ohm Therapeutics, though these can be combined with a Mid-Ohm tuner to get the octave and fifth combination of harmonies for even richer states of relaxation.  The Clear Path are unique, inspired by the work of a respected leader in the field of sacred geometries.