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Here you will a fine selection of well-tuned quartz crystal singing bowl chakra sets. You can find these crystal bowl sets in 432hz or 440hz tuning, with one of the highest standards for tuning and playability in the industry. Many customers use our chakra sets for chakra healing, pairing the bowls with chakras such as the throat chakra, heart chakra, root chakra or crown chakra, though we also sell a set designed to work with the earth and soul star chakras. With the purchase of any of our sets, we offer educational videos to learn how to play harmonics, as well as conduct a full chakra practice. We provide training where we can show you how to use these sets for mental health. We also have binaural sets that specifically work to effect brain waves.  We have frosted crystal bowl sets, clear crystal bowl sets, empyrean crystal bowl sets, gemstone crystal bowl sets and handle crystal bowl sets available. We are experts in the field of sound healing. If you have any questions about our sets please give us a call or email us at admin@sunreed.com. We commonly work with customers to create custom crystal bowl sets so feel free to reach out to us! Contact Us

What types of crystal singing bowls should I buy for my quartz singing bowl set?

Frosted, empyrean, clear or handle?

Frosted Crystal Singing Bowls are the easiest to crystal bowl to play, the least expensive, and the most popular singing bowl to choose for crystal bowl meditation. They are thick, white, with a rough frosted coating on the outside that creates friction with the mallet, allowing them to typically play faster and stronger than other styles of bowls. These are all around excellent for group sound baths, and personal meditation.

Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowls are like frosted bowls, though are hand polished on the outside. Because these bowls are smooth on the outside, many consider them to be more visually beautiful than frosted bowls. Further, because the rim is completely smooth, you won’t hear the strong friction noise that happens between a frosted bowl and the mallet. You will just get more of the smooth pure tone of the crystal bowl. These are considered an upgraded version of the frosted crystal singing bowl.

Clear Crystal Singing Bowls are completely clear and smooth bowls, that are not as loud as frosted or empyrean bowls. Because of this they are not excellent bowls to play for large groups unless you have audio equipment to amplify their sound. These are better for people doing smaller group work, intimate therapeutic work, and recording work. When you strike a clear singing bowl they sound similar to a metal bowl, as multiple harmonics are expressed. When you go around the rim of a clear bowl you get a really beautiful pure tone, many hear as clearer than a frosted or empyrean bowl. There is no contact noise between the striker and the rim in a clear bowl. Because clear bowls are quieter and harder to play in general, we sell our clear bowl sets in the 3rd octave to increase strength and playability.

Handle Crystal Singing Bowls are clear bowls with a handle attached, and are not typically sold as a set. You can only play one at a time. Many people buy a full set of them because they are practitioners who wish to use them with a client, typically lying down, and they want multiple options for tones to play with that client. Because the handle makes the clear bowl so stable, handle bowls can get almost as strong in strength as a frosted or empyrean bowl. They also have the beautiful clarity of a clear bowl, with the beautiful multi-tonal harmonic with you strike them. You can play a handle bowl standing up or sitting down. They are truly a wonderful addition to a practice.

What type of quartz crystal bowl set should I buy?

Should I buy a chakra set of 7, 8 or 9 bowls, or should I buy a harmonic singing bowl set?

Should I buy a binaural singing bowl set?

There is no one right answer to this question. For example, you can use any set of singing bowls to work with all the chakras. You don’t need a “chakra set” to create music and sounds that will facilitate healing for chakras. You can do any meditation with any number of singing bowls. The real answer to this question comes down to what you want to hear, and what type of sounds you want to play. As a customer or practitioner purchasing these instruments, we highly suggest trusting your hearing and judging what you like to listen to as a highly valuable aspect of this purchasing process. What you like to hear, you will also like to play and form a relationship with, and you will also use joyfully in your practice.

7, 8 and 9 Bowl Chakra Sets of singing bowls play the major scale. The major scale progresses with the sounds Do – Re – Mi – Fa – So – La – Ti – Do. This is the basis of much of the music we’ve heard in our life. The major scale is designed to be a very uplifted scale. You can play very pleasant and beautifully uplifted melodies with all of these notes. There is so much harmonic potential! It is also the scale that has been paired with the chakras to use in a chakra meditation. The main reasons customers choose this scale is: 1) they would like all of the bowls typically used in a chakra meditation; 2) they want more options when playing in general, and want the major scale as the basis of the melodies they create.

A harmonic singing bowl set is great for practitioners who are not needing to play 7 to 9 bowls to do their meditations. A harmonic singing bowl set takes the most harmonic pairings out of the chakra set. These are 2-5 bowl sets. The harmonics in these sets have been used for thousands of years to create beautiful uplifted environments. Science even confirms using harmonics like the perfect fifth helps relax the nervous system. We use harmonic crystal bowl sets in many of the meditations we do, and highly consider these as a great place for anybody to begin working with bowls.

A binaural set of singing bowls is a set of two bowls that are very close together in tone. The ones we sell are between 6hz and 40hz in distance. Since the two tones are so close together, when playing together they create a third tone, an oscillation, called a binaural or monaural. The brain entrains to this oscillation, and can more readily enter into certain brain states, such as Theta or Alpha, which can be a benefit for meditation, focus, relaxation and all together wellbeing. Experientially we find that binaurals help clear the mind. They disallow habitual thought patterning. This can help deepen the meditation. We often sell customers a set of binaurals, alongside a set of harmonics so they can play both in their sessions.

A minor pentatonic set of singing bowls plays the minor pentatonic scale. This is an ancient scale that has been found all over the world used in many meditative cultures. It both has the element of harmonics, but also an element of grounding. You can play wonderful reflective melodies with this set. You can also easily conduct a full chakra meditation with it. We definitely suggest listening to the minor pentatonic sound files, and the sound files for a 7, 8 or 9 bowl set, so you can hear the difference between the minor pentatonic and major scale and decide which you like better.