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Our Himalayan and or "Tibetan" Metal Singing Bowls are hand selected and sourced from various manufacturers and cottage industry makers in the Himalayan region. Metal singing bowls are a great addition to a healing journey, providing a rich multi-tonal sound experience that entrances the mind, disrupting habitual thinking patterns, and allowing for greater connection to the body and present moment. In this way metal singing bowls can help aid and improve meditation skills. Please also look at the high quality Zen line of metal singing bowls, which is the only manufacturer to provide a true "Fair Trade" metal singing bowl. We as well have sourced Aluminum and cast metal singing bowls. With each metal singing bowl listed, you will find an individual sound file for that bowl. This is an opportunity for you to experience the true quality of the singing bowl before your purchase. Please wear headphones when listening to sound files. Each singing bowl comes with a wooden striker and attractive cushion. 

Please see our Himalayan Purchasing Guide for suggestions on how to choose these sound healing products, and especially for upgrading your mallets. The bowls may come polished, or unpolished in their original form with beautiful, smooth hammer markings visible and a great smooth patina. These bowls are all from the Himalayas regions near Northern India or Nepal.  Bowls such as these have been used in Buddhist meditations and Bon shamanic practices, though as well were just used as bowls in everyday life. The method of making these bowls, over the years, has become just as much of an art as a precise science. Most metal singing bowls can be struck like a bell, or 'sung' by passing the wand/striker around the outside edge, much like our crystal bowls. We can support you in choosing a bowl, and helping you incorporate it into your meditation, or professional therapeutic healing practice. We also have many metal singing bowl sets listed here as well, though can personally select from our individual bowls a metal singing bowl set to your specifications, upon request. If you have any questions please call us or email us at admin@sunreed.com. Contact Us


Common Questions About Metal Singing Bowls

What is the history of metal singing bowls?

This is not a simply answered question. There are many histories. Metal has been used to make bowls for thousands of years, all over the world; and, the idea that these bowls have been manufactured for thousands of years for the sole purpose of aiding meditation and ceremony is not exactly accurate. In India and Southeast Asia there is a history of using metal bowls as common household fixtures for food storage and eating, and also for thing like gifts, incense, monastic donations, and as well as musical instruments and instruments used within a meditation or ceremony. A metal bowl is a solid, durable, easily cleanable, multi-purpose object that sound great and can be used as an instrument in meditation, prayer and ceremony. What is apparent is that the use and manufacturing of a metal singing bowl as a sacred sound healing object has really grown in popularity worldwide since the latter half of the 20th century, with a globalized market, and the western approach of sacred sound healing.

What are the benefits of using metal singing bowls?

There have been numerous scientific research that shows a correlation between listening to a metal singing bowl and stress reduction. If we are stressed, the multi-tonal quality of the bowls, alongside of its vibratory nature, disrupts stressful thinking patterns. There is naturally greater awareness brought to the body, present moment, and feeling, which allows us to stop, take a breath, and let go as we listen continuously to the sound of the bowl. As awareness is centered in the present moment, there can form a natural calmness and clarity. Metal singing bowls are a very simple approach to accessing present and focused awareness and reducing stress.

What size of metal singing bowl do I need to heal?

Metal singing bowls that are 4-6 inches are smaller and high pitched. They don’t produce a lot of vibration and have a short sustain. They definitely can be used well, though we find most people gravitate towards the sound and vibrational quality of bowls that are 8-12 inches in diameter. At this range you are getting a deep fundamental, clear multi-tonal notes, a good radiating vibration, a good volume, and the bowl is light enough still typically to strike holding it in your hand. With bowls larger than 12 inches you can increase the depth of the tone, amount of vibration and the sustain. These are good grounding bowls. Though it is a little difficult to hold and play, so can’t use the radiating vibration of the bowl around the body as easily.

Remember, your attention and intention is key to the bowls effectiveness. Sound works, though for us to effectively utilize sound, we must meet it with our awareness and utilize skillful means. There is not one bowl, or one sound, or one hz value that will necessarily bring you greater relaxation than another. This depends on the quality of your attention and intention when meditating with the bowl. So we recommend, instead of focusing too greatly on what hz value is best, focus more on simple matters like what do you like to listen to? Which bowl sounds good to you? Do you like the uplifting potential of a higher pitched bowl, or want the deep groundedness of a lower pitch bowl? Liking the sound of the bowl you are using is an understated, and incredibly simple way of purchasing the right metal singing bowl for your use.