Authentic Gemstone Fusion Crystal Bowls

Your Source for Authentic Fusion Singing Bowls. 


These are authentic gemstone alchemical fusion singing bowls, made through Crystal Vibes' unique patented process of fusing gemstone and mineral into the quartz matrix of a singing bowl. You can choose pre-made bowls in the links below, or Contact Us to have a custom gemstone alchemy bowl made to your selection of pitch, chakra, mineral or gemstone you prefer. If you have a precious gemstone at home, you can even send it into our factory to be infused in a crystal bowl (Contact Us for more information).

The Benefit Of Gemstone Fusion

The use of authentic mineral or gemstone alchemy fusion bowls adds the potential of coherence of light and color, mineral, or gemstone qualities to the use of sound in your therapeutic or wellness practice.  According to some wisdom traditions, such as Tibetan Buddhism, the 'realms of Light and Sound' are higher realms of consciousness, or of the Cosmos, where the 'holy beings' dwell, the higher realms of creation and guidance working with us here in the earthly planes to assist us in our purpose and path of self realization.  Understanding and coupling our coherent thought and intention with the matrix of crystal, sound, and now the qualities of other gemstone minerals as well as their light spectrum makes possible an even more complete therapeutic approach, used by many in the holistic fields, as well as in ancient wisdom and indigenous cultures, both living and past.  It is beneficial to understand, the collaboration of consciousness (awareness and intention) of the practitioner with the qualities of the bowl and crystal matrix infuses the highest potential into one's practice, no matter which bowl is preferred or used.

The first link is to our custom made to order fusion crystal bowls. The further links are for each gemstone/mineral fusion category with bowls currently available.  Again, you can Contact Us to make a gemstone fusion bowl in other minerals, gemstones, pitch (or chakra association) than those listed, as well as using your own gemstones, crystals or mineral collections.

If you have any questions, please call us or email us at Contact Us