The Mother Of All Life

The Mother Of All Life
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


The Mother of All Life

The heart is softer than most of us can imagine.

It offers refuge to those who cannot.


Think of the unfolding blossom of the flower.

Slow, yet so deliberate, to open its very essence.

Yet by that very opening, and sharing of itself, it propagates its next generation.  It shares a beauty most of us do not realize we hold within our own essence.  But that is all that is required, the slow budding and opening of our own true self, the essence of who we are, opening to the world.  It is nothing to be done.  It is more a way of Being, or, at most, of allowing (something some of us still might learn.)


It is like the stillness of this morning.

Should you care to take a moment, and, sit here, with us.

Feel the slow expansion of awareness as the morning light arises.

Soft, softer, each ray increases the magnitude of light in the sky,
till the brilliance of the sun fills the world with its Vision.  And, once again, we can see, and feel, embrace, and enjoy the brilliance of this world.

Yet it is in the softness that it shares its abundance; its radiant form.

Rest with us here.

One needs to be still.  Or, nearly still.

It is in the uplifting of each ray as it enters,
that the Cosmos shares its story, its song;
its gentle wisdom of the ages,
which each sage has understood, and shared again with us.

There is an interweaving of awareness, an uplifting into the highest realms of Light, available, should we sit, and listen.  It is woven into the consciousness of each Light Ray, as it enters our atmosphere.
There.  Do you perceive it?

As every ray enters our conscious awareness, we are uplifted by the golden sun, and the morning wisdom compelled within it.
Within that, beneath it, is the heart of Creation, and its simple song.  One needs to be with it in its soft luxury to truly feel it.

It is not unlike our own heart unfolding; then comes the golden dawn.
It is the power beneath it of which we are speaking.  We want to bring your attention to the power beneath the Sun.

That which is powerful enough to move earths, and suns, stars, and universes.
Do you not recognize that Power?

It is the same magnitude of light, and the Life Force beneath it, pouring through your heart and veins.
Can you feel it?

Are you aware of it?
Can you rest in the magnitude of your own essence, and Song?
The Pulse of the Universe?
Can you allow the tenderness of your own heart to unfold in its gentle wisdom?

You are at One.

It is the power of the Universe, which thrives in the Sun. 

Each ray cascades through our brilliance with the same power thriving in our heart.
Can you rest in that, knowing the power of your own heart?

And, moreso, can you let your essence unfold through the heart.  Most of us have been taught to be closed, or chosen to, from the pain and suffering we have experienced with an open heart.

But, alas, it must be open, for us to experience the Fullness of Life.  It simply cannot be another way.  If the heart is not open, even vulnerable, this keeps us from experiencing this gentle oneness unfolding through every fiber of the fabric of Life.  What can help us realize a sustainable, open heart, is to realize that it is the HeartBeat of the Cosmos which is, also, beating through our heart.  It is being at One with the Mother to keep our heart open, and pure. 

It means we must, also, be open to our fellow humans, allowing our own inner beauty and truth to be known.  This bares the question, do we realize the vast and rich Beauty and Truth we hold within our own essence?
Can you open, knowing others may see us, even take from the beauty of our heart?
Yet, it is the sharing of the pollen of our wisdom, with the knowing of others, that spreads the seed of content and oneness, among us all.  It fills the darkness of all hearts, where there is darkness.  Where there is longing, it fills their loss, just as the morning sun rises, and seeds the world with the Light of Spirit, propagating that Light Within, and, the vision of the World, that was there, all along.

The darkness is no longer.  And, yet, it was the darkness which gestated this song, which allowed the Beauty of the Earth to unfold from its heart.

It is in this peaceful surrender, that such propagation unfolds; the Beauty, the richness that is ours to have and behold.

But do not be mistaken about its nature.  Within that surrender, is the power of the Vulcan, as well as the flower and the Sun.
It is the Mother of All Life; the under-riding flow of the Cosmos.

What we seek to bring your attention to, this Cosmic Solstice Morning, is the softness with which this light appears.  Ever gently entering your conscious kingdom, like the morning light entering the Night Sky.
It is that softness we wish to unfurl. 

So many of us are too busy to be still, to listen, to surrender, to this softness of the heart, to know we have it.  We are it.  The Love of All Universal.
That love unfolding.  Like this light filling the Night Sky.

It flows, not only through the sun, but through the veins of the bud, the egg, the ant.

It flows through All of Creation.  
It is not discriminating.
It gives life equally to All.
She wants us to Thrive.
She gives life, venerably, to all.

It is up to each of us to understand it, to take it, to receive it, to be with it, to allow it, to feel its flow.

There is no force at play here, (we do not have to force it, or make anything happen; we have only to yield to the force which already flows through us, just step out of its way, or fall into it, like the River of Life.)  It is the Life Force that thrives in all things.

Gentle, like the tender grass lifting its head after a soft, nurturing rain.

Yet, the grasses fill the fertile valley and plains.

And, this requires nothing of them, only that they follow their essence of Life;
and, do not stray from their worth.

They are part of the Whole.

And, as one Great Master once said, “Should He (or, She, they are of one heart,) not all the more so care for you….”

Blessings to All

Zacciah and Those Who Walk with Him