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Atlantis Gongs

The Atlantis gongs are very similar to Chau, though are unlathed. They are as well like the unlathed Mother Tesla gong, however various rock salts and minerals are added during the firing process giving them a lighter color than the Mother Tesla. Like the Mother Tesla, these gongs do not truly come to a shimmering crash. In general they hold a little higher tone than the Mother Tesla, so there is more of a higher register to explore then in a Mother Tesla. The larger in size you go, the more prominent the fundamental note becomes for these gongs. In the larger versions of this such as a 28” or 32” or higher, because you get such a mix between lows and highs, the gongs tend to roar a deep penetrating wave of sound. The unlathed quality of the gong tends to allow the sound of the gong to be less controlled than a chau gong, so there is a sense of wild potential with these gongs.

(Note: some sound files may not play until 10-15 seconds into the file)