How To Choose A Therapeutic Series Bowl: The therapeutic bowls are designed to transmit vibration into the body, or to be used around a massage table in a therapeutic practice. Each bowl has a different function. The easiest way to sort through the therapeutic series bowls is by size.

4-5" Therapeutic Bowls: 4-5" Therapeutic Bowls are small, and are good to use on wrists, joints, or just as higher harmonic vibrations to other lower toned bowls.

8"-9" Therapuetic Bowls: In the 8" to 9" size, you'll find the ZT900 and ZT1250. These are the best choices for an all around good therapeutic bowl that will fit well on the body and transmit vibration well. It is also not too heavy for those who want to hold the bowl and hit it around the body.

10"-11" Therapeutic Bowls: In the 10 to 11" size, these bowls can fit well on the torso, and as well can be held in the hand and tapped around the body, sending the vibration into the body. These bowls are deeper in tone then the 8" to 9" size, but are also heavier so may be a little bit uncomfortable to play in hand.

12"-16" Therapeutic Bowls: These flat bowls produce a very low tone, with a wide variety of overtones, and a large amount of vibration that moves through the air. These are good to use on a stand, or on the floor, around a massage table, to provide a deep grounding note to your practice.


289 Results (See Below)

289 Results (See Below)