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Audio Equipment For Sound Healing Online

Sunreed is now offering high quality audio equipment packages to help you with your online, zoom, and in person practices. Quality audio equipment is mandatory for quality practices online, and highly benefit the sound experience of attendees in person, especially in group settings. We can consult with you for a variety of sound systems to meet your specific needs. Here are some simple solutions for 1-3 practitioners with microphones that have specific pick ups for voice and sound healing instruments including crystal bowls, gongs, drums, etc.

Are you having trouble providing your listeners a quality sound experience with just simple microphones, computer or headphone microphones?  A quality sound system will provide you and your listeners a high quality experience.  It's really very easy, but necessary to pick up the beautiful full and rich voices of bowls, drums, gongs, harmoniums, your singing/toning voice, etc, to transport to your clients and students online.

These sets easily connect with a standard USB port to your computer, and interface well with Zoom and other online platforms, recording apps on your computer or phone, etc. Simple, specific settings are needed.**

These sets include all of the cables, stands or other equipment needed to conduct a sound healing practice online.  
While simple to use, these systems can also provide high quality professional effects, reverb, and micro-management of voice quality, equalizer, and other effects/responsiveness you would expect from a professional audio system. 

We can consult with you to find the right choice for your live sessions by simply adding a PA System (amplified quality speakers,) that will work with the audio systems listed here, or start from scratch to meet all of your audio needs.

**The purchase of any of these sets will include a 1 hour consultation to help set up the system and adapt the zoom platform to your audio needs.