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USB Audio Equipment For Sound Healing Online

Are you having trouble providing your listeners a quality sound experience online or in person with just simple microphones, computer or headphone microphones?  A quality usb sound system will provide you and your listeners a high quality experience.  It's really very easy, but necessary to pick up the beautiful full and rich voices of bowls, drums, gongs, harmoniums, your singing/toning voice, etc, to transport to your clients and students online. Sunreed offers high quality audio equipment and packages to help you with your online, zoom, and in person practices. These sets easily connect with a standard USB port to your computer, and interface well with Zoom and other online apps and recording software. These sets will also connect to a speaker system for live ampliifcation of your sound healing sessions. The purchase of any of these sets will include up to a 1 hour consultation to help set up the system and adapt the zoom platform to your audio needs.  We can consult with you to find the right choice for your online or in person sessions.