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FREE SHIPPING - Most 7,8 and 9 Bowl Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Sets

Free shipping, within the Continental USA, & Discounted Nesting Cases on all 7, 8, 9 Frosted and Empyrean crystal singing bowl sets. No coupon needed!

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Heaven & Earth 9 Crystal Bowl Set!

We are introducing a new Premium Quality 9 Frosted Bowl Chakra set. This is premium quality quartz crystal, highly hand tuned to your specifications. This set will provide the practitioner and novice with enhanced multiple possibilities for working with the magnificent sounds of crystal bowls musically, harmonically, meditatively, and in advanced chakra and other healing practices, whether working with one’s own healing paradigm, a client based practice, musical performance, or groups..see why it is referenced as "Heaven and Earth" here!

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About Crystal Singing Bowls

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About Native American Drums

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Harmonic Crystal Bowl Sets

The natural harmonics are known to create rich states of relaxation and wellness, used musically in all cultures. Consult with us about multiple crystal bowl harmonic sets, the Just Intonation sequence, and other natural scales we recommend, that can take your practice beyond the standard ‘chakra’ scale.


About Us ~ Sunreed Instruments

At Sunreed Instruments, we cherish and are here to help people find the sound healing and musical tools and instruments for their meditative and therapeutic needs. For decades, Sunreed Instruments has explored the relationship between sound and consciousness, and we are ready and available to help and support by phone and email. Click here to learn more about our history.


About Sound Healing

Sound Healing is a growing field of therapeutic healing arts. Use of simple sound healing techniques has been shown to bring about deep relaxation, enhanced meditations, and improvement in one’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Professionals and novices can easily incorporate these tools into their daily lives or therapeutic practices.


Crystal Singing Bowl Hotline

We are experts in playing and selecting crystal singing bowls, as well as the other instruments featured on our pages, and in helping each customer understand more deeply the potentials of a crystal bowl set or individual bowl, drum, or other instrument, to make choices you are truly confident about. Please contact us! We answer our phone!


Trainings, Therapies and Workshops

The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing offers in depth sound healing classes and workshops, individualized therapies and professional skill building training, as well as programs in the nature of healing and consciousness.


The Center of Light Trainings and Therapies

Sound, Healing, and Consciousness

The Center of Light, LLC, offers exceptional programs in the nature of sound and consciousness, and their inter-relationship with authentic healing and therapeutic methodology. The Center offers in depth experiential and educational classes and workshops, private therapies, retreats, and sacred journeys, designed for personal wellness and growth, self-realization, and individualized training and development as a private or professional therapeutic sound healing practitioner.