Sacred Feminine Instruments

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At Sunreed, we have always honored the wisdom of all spiritual traditions. We recognize and honor the New Emergence of the Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine during these times of great transformation of our planet, and of all humanity. We recognize and honor the power and knowing that women are assuming in our culture, the beauty of the wisdom of the carriers of these sacred traditions, and the need to restore integrity, balance and harmony on all levels of our society. Honoring the Earth as a living aspect of the Sacred Feminine, the incredible intuitive power of the Sacred Feminine, the quality of Life Force our emotional bodies carry, of which she births, and how we must all integrate this wisdom and power into our lives and essential being. The Wisdom of so many cultures state it thusly, though perhaps in different languages and sentence structure: The Nature of Life is to embody Right Relationship with our (higher/authentic) Self and the Principles of the Cosmos. Within the heart of those Principles, is the Heart of the Great Mother of All Life.

What Is The Sacred Feminine

Learn about the Sacred Feminine from Zacciah Blackburn

21 Results (See Below)

21 Results (See Below)