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9 Results (See Below)

9 Results (See Below)

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Sunreed is offering new high quality weighted tuning fork sets, which we have designed for with specific intent and purpose. Our tuning forks are made by one of the highest respected manufacturer in the United States, known for the precision of their forks, and the quality of metal they use. We have created these forks because we know that they have strong potential to help customers in their professional and personal practices. Our highest choices are the Clear Path, Gamma and Harmonic Tuning Fork sets. Scroll down below the products to read more.

Zacciah discusses our exclusive forks: We have had for some time the Clear Path set, which is composed of 2 weighted forks in a sleeve, designed on the principles of a highly respected researcher in the field of sacred geometry, who states that the combination of these two frequencies 'disperses all non-beneficial energy' from their vibrational field.  We recommend using them together, with specific application to the body, to assist in moving, clearing, or releasing 'heavy' energy.  They come with simple instructions.

Our latest sets are full 8 fork, 8 tone octave weighted fork sets, tuned in either 440 hz or 432 hz scales.  440 hz is standard musical tuning.  432 hz is a new system of tuning which claims a special relationship to fundamental principles of sacred geometry.  Proponents suggest it has a correlation to base frequencies of the cosmos.  While we do not believe this can yet be scientifically quantified, we can suggest, because they are tuned at a lower frequency, the body's inherent neurological response is one of deeper relaxation, which can be of great benefit to the therapist, whether used on oneself or with clients.  You can find a great deal of information on line on the 432 frequency to determine if you prefer 440 hz or 432 hz tuning.  (We will provide more in depth information, as well as sound files at a later date.  However, you can also listen to our 440 and 432 hz crystal bowl sound files to hear the same pitches these forks create (listen here))

These 440/432 hertz forks can be used alone, in multiple tone harmonics together, within either set, as well as in special combinations between the two sets which perhaps provide the sound community with the first full octave binaural set of forks ever offered, as well as the special opportunity to work with a full octave of 'harmonic binaurals.'  These provides multiple new combinations for effective new possibilities and methodologies of use for the sound practitioner.

The binaural effect is a well studied and scientifically researched phenomena.  When two frequencies close in proximity to each other are sounded, they generate a third beat, or oscillation, known as a binaural.  When that binaural beat is within a certain frequency range, it can stimulate better conditions for sleep, deep relaxation, feeling states of inner calm and wellness, better learning, ease of meditation, development for skills in sport, and more.  Our 440/432hz sets are designed in to provide either a theta or alpha beat, which assists us to (theta) enter deeper states of meditation and creativity or (alpha) deeper relaxation and learning.

The theta or alpha binaural is created by playing simultaneously, the same note (tone) fork in each set.  So playing two low C notes together (1 from each set) can produce a theta stimulation, while playing two hi C forks (1 from each set) will produce an alpha stimulation.

Using either set, one can utilize the perfect musical ratios of harmonies, such as the third, the perfect fifth, the fourth, or the octave.  These have been used by musicians throughout history to create felt senses of relaxation, beauty, joy, and other positive feeling states, because the harmonic rations fall within the spectrum of the natural proportional relationships of 'all life,' as seen through the study of sacred geometries, which are, in actuality, the foundation of modern science and math.

The forks can be purchased in full octave sets of either hertz tuning (440 or 432 hz), or in harmonics within each set (a 1/3, a 1/5, a 1/4 or an octave,) or they can be purchased in single, double, triple or quadruple harmonic binaurals, in these same rations (1/, 1/5, 1/4, 1/8.)
Or you can purchase the entire two sets of 432 and 440 hz octaves, to have all possible combinations within a full 8 tone octave set.
More will be explained in each product page.