Entrainment In Sound Healing

Entrainment In Sound Healing



               Entrainment is a synchronization. It means to come into vibratory resonance with. As a scientific concept it has been witnessed and explored in biology, physics, acoustics, and neuroscience. Entrainment is also a key and powerful concept within the field of sound healing. Sound healers provide a field of sound frequency that clients naturally entrain to. Clients both entrain to the sound being made, as well as the vibratory state of the sound healer, and that entrainment can naturally result in healing.

               Sound is vibration. It is moving energy or moving pressure. When we strike a metal bowl, we hear the pulsing multi-tonal sound, but can also feel the multi-tonal vibrations cascading into our body. We are vibrational beings, automatically effected by sound. Cognitively, sound bypasses the thinking mind, and commands attention without our conscious awareness. If we are in an environment of machinery, or loud noises, or grating noises, our body will naturally tense, and our mood will naturally shift towards unease without us necessarily knowing. If a person makes discordant sound, we automatically will want to shy away. Vibrations of sound carry information that we understand subconsciously and are affected by. One person can give tone to their own anger, annoyance, pain or suffering, without making words. Another person will hear these tones, and feel them, empathetically entraining as an effect. Sound can carry heavy energetic patterns. Sound can as well carry uplifting harmony and melody, that can be entrained to, and this will naturally lead to a coherent state. Uplifting harmonic sounds can naturally release tension, opening our experience to spacious awareness and a feeling of inner wholeness.

               Like sound, humans are as well vibrational beings. We are emanating frequency, from our brains, our hearts, our organs, etc. We can feel and interpret each other’s emotional vibrational states, not only by physical touch, but as well by just looking at each other or even being around each other. If a person walks into a room, and holds anger, it is simple to witness this anger within them, and be affected by it. If that person gives voice to their anger, and we are open to their anger, it will inspire the same effect within ourselves. We will entrain to their angry vibratory state, matching it with our own. This is the same if the other person is sad, upset or tense. We don’t even need to be consciously aware of another person’s emotions to be affected. Our entire being emanates information that others can understand and naturally be affected by. So likewise, if we stand in a coherent state of joy, peace, or liberation, other people will be naturally affected by this. If we emanate overwhelming bliss, and another person is open to our energy, they will naturally feel uplifted in relationship.

               A sound healer can use the principle of entrainment then in two ways. The sound healer is not only delivering information with the sound they make, but as well with the vibratory state they hold. This is why it is important to understand how to access states of healing and coherence within oneself, in order to work with sound effectively. If we hold discordant states within, and make sound, we will deliver that discordant information; likewise, if we hold coherent states, and make sound, we will deliver information that supports a client going into coherence themselves. This is as well why it is important to work with harmonic tones. Harmonies occur when sounds, physically move through the air in a rhythmical unison, that our very ears have evolved to hear more simply and easily than dissonance. We hear the physical harmony of sound, and within that, experience inner uplifted joy with that sound.

               What evolves then, from the understanding of entrainment, is a simple method of sound healing. This is a simple practice of offering intentional vibration. It is resolution through attention to harmonic resonance, not thought or mental-analysis. A sound healer can hold a coherent state, and provide harmonic sound with that state, either with their physical voice or instruments. A client can then rest, being open to the sounds, and naturally fall into a state of coherence themselves. Coherent states are self-evolutionary, naturally providing catharsis, insight, clarity or healing. As Zacciah states, “They help to evolve us. They help to connect us to the greater wisdom of life, because we are entering into the synchronous resonance with universal principles; And, the more we can do that, the more we can enter into synchronous resonance with the universe, the more we feed and inform it, and it can feed and inform us. It can help sustain us. Resting in these states are nourishing within themselves. They actually produce a state of luminosity and self-liberation. Who doesn’t want to be free? Self-liberation is a natural outcome.” This is why then, it is important for a sound healer, to go through the process of healing for themselves, so they may more clearly and simply hold coherence within themselves, for the sake of their clients who are naturally entraining to their rhythm.