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Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowls

The Perfect Union Of The Frosted And Clear Crystal Bowl
The Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowl


Empyrean crystal singing bowls are the perfect fusion of all the good qualities of frosted and clear bowls. They are thick and sturdy like a frosted bowl, and they have the rich voice and volume of frosted bowls. They are easy to play like a frosted bowl. Yet they have the distinct clear tonal quality of clear bowls, and sustain value of clear bowls. They have a perfectly smooth surface like a clear bowl also, so have more stable tones and won’t have any of the grating sound from playing frosted bowls (even though our crystal strikers do take away most of the sound from frosted bowls). They are thus the perfect union. If you are looking for the tonal qualities of a clear bowl, but are interested in the sturdiness and volume of a frosted bowl, these bowls are perfect for you. If you have any question please call us or email us at Contact Us

Video: About Empyrean Crystal Singing Bowls