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Guide To Purchasing A Metal Singing Bowl


Metal bowls, are made all over the world, though most prominently made in the Himalayas, whether it be Tibet, Nepal or India. Metal singing bowls are made from many layers of thin metal, heated, molded and beaten together either by hand or machine. They can be used at the beginning, end or during a meditation to clarify attention, or can be used to amplify intentions. When struck, they sound like a large bell, pulsing multiple tones and binaural vibrations. Hearing these vibrations can cause an immediate response from the mind and body to relax. Thinking patterns pause, are interrupted, and attention opens up into spaciousness and clarity. Metal bowls are excellent companions to a meditation practice, either offering an immediate reset to one’s clarity, or providing an environment to go into deeper tranquility and spaciousness.

Metal singing bowls can as well be placed right on the body for energy work. Vibrations are sent directly into the body at intentional spots. A trained body worker can use these vibrations to affect the flow of energy through the body, relaxing muscles, easing strain on joints, and also at times releasing psychosomatic tension as well.

What Size Of Singing Bowl Should I Buy?

It is always best to buy a singing bowl that you like the sound of. Listen to the sound files we have on our site, and notice how your mind and body react to the sounds. Find a sound that is pleasing, and that you wish to work with, and can relax into. This is a bowl that you can benefit from adding to your meditations.

Singing bowls generally can be categorized into three sizes, which we cover below.

a8180221a-67981-77867.1615260263.jpgSmall metal singing bowls are between 4 and 7 inches, and play from the higher end of the 3rd octave, up through the 5th octave. These bowls are typically less expensive, play higher notes, and produce less vibration than larger bowls. They are a great place to start for someone who is looking for the benefits of a metal singing bowl, but do not want to pay the price of a medium to large bowl. Or they are great for people who especially enjoy high pitched sounds.

Sound File For 6 Inch Metal Singing Bowl

a19300219a-72065-42288.1552393418.jpgMedium metal singing bowls are between 8 and 12 inches, and play down to the 2nd octave. These are our top recommendation for singing bowls for multiple reasons. With a 8-12 inch bowl you’ll receive a low toned bowl with higher harmonics, so within each bowl there is a good range. Typically, the mind and body relax easier with lower tones rather than higher tones. This is especially true with binaurals, as we have found over and over people would like to hear the oscillation of a lower toned binaural rather than a higher one. With a 8-12 inch bowl (especially with a 8-9 inch size) you can still hold the bowl in the palm of your hand without the bowl getting too heavy. So, you can get an excellent sounding bowl, and place the bowl around your body, feeling the pulsing of the vibrations. The 8-12 inch range is not drastically more expensive then smaller metal bowls (and definitely less than bowls that are 16 to 24 inches large). A medium sized bowl then is great for any practitioner looking for a great tone, in a bowl that is not too large, heavy or expensive, that can be used in many different therapeutic modalities. 

Sound File For 10 Inch Metal Singing Bowl

a10580118a-70619-40114.1518748338.jpgLarge bowls are between 14 inches and 24 inches. At this size they become a little difficult to hold in your palm, and so are generally used on the floor. These bowls are even lower in tone than bowls between 8 -12 inch bowls. There are many more layers of sound in a large metal bowl. With each strike you can hear 5-6 different notes, lower to higher, which the mind entrains to. The effect of this can be quite intoxicating, as for that moment your mind can let go of thinking and may naturally surrender into tranquility. In this way, buying a larger metal singing bowl is very much like buying a larger gong. You will spend more money, and perhaps it is heavier to deal with, but you’ll receive a much richer note, with more depth, greater harmonics and binaural oscillations, that can be more powerful to work with than small metal bowls.

Sound File For 18 Inch Metal Singing Bowl

What singing bowl should you buy? Consider what you will use the bowl for. If you will need to hold the bowl in your hand, or place it on someone’s body then get a bowl around 8-10 inches. If you just need a bowl that will sit on the floor, and want the vibrations to just permeate the room, get a larger bowl. The most important aspect is if you like the sound of the bowl or not. Listen to sound files and find a bowl that you find resonates with you, and that you will want to play and enjoy.

What Difference Does The Mallet Make?

tl96a-21072-88562.1504285892.jpgGenerally, there are three types of mallets for a metal bowl. There is a pure wooden mallet, that comes with many smaller bowls. Because there is no wrap around the wooden stick, they produce a loud sound from the bowl, and as well produce a high-pitched tone from a bowl. 

tl97a-36266-18570.1504285906.jpgTo get a lower tone from the bowl, you can buy a suede mallet, which is a wooden mallet with a strip of suede wrapped around it. The suede allows lower tones from a bowl to come through more prominently, so you get a more full chord from the bowl than with a pure wooden mallet. The suede also makes it easier to sing a singing bowl around the rim.

tl55b-37752-21712.1504265441.jpgTo get the lowest tone from a bowl, you need a gonger mallet, which is much like the mallet you would use to strike a gong. These felt mallets are soft, so that the primary tone coming from the bowl will be the low note. These mallets don’t work well on small bowls. They have the effect of quieting the full power of the bowl in exchange for just allowing the low note to come through.