On Healing: We Are All Connected

On Healing:  We Are All Connected
                       ~~Zacciah Blackburn, PhD


We are all connected.

Though many of us may understand this on any number of levels, some of us may not have fully realized the vast potential of what this can mean, and how that can affect us, and our well-being.  For instance, many of us certainly feel we are connected to each other in our families or community.  Some of us realize we are interconnected to all humanity, or even to all of life on Earth.  In indigenous and wisdom traditions, this often, also means, that we are connected to all aspects of the Cosmos.  In numerous traditions, this is an integral understanding to one’s presence in, one’s approach to, and balance within, life.  We walk in harmony with all life.

Many of us may understand this cognitively, but may not have a visceral, knowing experience of the Earth as a living, conscious entity, of which we are an integral part, much less have such experiences relating to everything on the planet, nor everything within the Cosmos.

Yet many cultures speak of this as the nature of the greater reality, from the indigenous peoples of the Earth, to the Buddhas, whom share in their wisdom path, that our suffering comes from not realizing we are not separate from the Whole.  And, that this is our inherent, or, natural way of life, to experience life on this planet, as well as through other dimensional expressions of reality, as complete, and interconnected.

From this way of understanding, all species, all plant life, the mineral kingdom, the waters and atmosphere, all have living consciousness, and form an integral web of life, which interact reciprocally with one another, and, again, is interconnected. It is part of our inherent nature to experience direct, living relationship with this sentient network, web, or matrix of creation, of which the Earth is a part.  
And, to realize, viscerally, literally, fully, that we are part of that.
We are living, sentient beings interwoven into a vibrant web of life, breathing back and forth in a reciprocal, symbiotic relationship, which expands beyond the horizons of the Earth into the atmosphere, the Sun and Moon, and the Star Realms beyond.  Each star, each galaxy, the universe, each have consciousness, one within the other.  Each beating, breathing, in a rhythmical pulse of reciprocity, into an interwoven texture of life.
It is far more than 3D.
This is so beneficial to understand, as well as, to experience; to establish and cultivate living relationships with these aspects of the cosmos.  Indeed, there are those cultures who teach explicitly these methods.  And, there are those whose prophecies speak to this time of profound transformation, which we are in, in which it is the very building of these reciprocal, living relationships, which will be the catalyst for carrying humanity into the next stage of our evolution.  It becomes our responsibility to understand and enter such relationships.  This is the heart, for instance, of the prophecies of the Q’ero wisdom keepers of Peru, and the Incan prophecies they carry, of this time of “Taripay Pacha,” “The Time of Meeting Ourselves, Again,” of which I have spoken so often and fondly.
Within this view, our reality expands infinitely into other inter-dimensional awareness beyond our 3D infinite universe.
Even science is coming to understand the multi-dimensionality of our reality, even if they do not fully embrace the spiritual nature of that essentiality.  We will come back to this in just a moment.  First, we want to expand this conversation to the nature of healing, as well. 

We see many faces and hear many voices in the realms of healing.  We, also, have spoken of this regularly.  We see many healers wanting to heal each other, the Earth, etc.  Many of these see the oppressive, depressing, dysfunctional and/or horrific sides of humanity, and focus on, or even unwittingly give life to, the dark side, shadow side, or heavy side of life that needs healing.  While we cannot expand into the light without embracing the dark within us, there are other ways of viewing this and creating healing.

In our traditions, the healers heal themselves, and through this, discover the path to assist others.  They come to understand that their unique imprint is interconnected with all life, projected into all life, and that every aspect of life which they see needs to be healed, is, in reality, a part of their selves.  Therefore, to heal others, they must walk deeper into the realm of self-healing, perhaps into their own shadow, but more so, into their own essence, and into this interconnectedness of us all.

In this reality, there is no other self.
As in the traditions of the Blue Medicine Buddha of Tibet, the Hoʻoponopono of the Kahuna traditions of Hawaii, or the Hucha Mikhuy and Ayni wisdom of the Andes, all is integral to self-awareness and realization.  And, true healing arises from the individual taking on the responsibility of all healing one perceives, as this means it is in one’s own field of perception, and thus, a part of oneself.

In many indigenous traditions, what is occurring now, and what has always been understood as a principle of the pathway of life, we must enter Right Relationship with all aspects of the Living Cosmos. 
First, comes the understanding that the Cosmos is alive.  As I began in this article, everything one perceives is conscious, alive, and part of everything else.  As one Grandmother says, “If it has form, it is conscious.”  Even modern science is now acknowledging, and I quote a respected physicist here, “We are at the point, that we would be hard pressed to not acknowledge that every atom is conscious.”  Every atom is conscious.  Think on that.  Think on the principles of water as beheld by Dr. Emoto and his research on ice crystals, proving either that water is conscious, or at least holds and is impacted by the consciousness of humans and their interaction with it.  He clearly showed that our thoughts, prayers, words, and songs all impact the quality of water, which is integral to our physical being and well being, and to all life on Earth.

Every part of the Earth and Sky is living and conscious.  To be truly healed is to recognize our divine origin and nature in relationship to that of all Creation.  We are part of it.  We are not, and have never been disconnected.  We are inseparable.  We can never NOT be part of the Whole.  There is nothing we need to do, but realize this, breathe this, and carry this through our thoughts and actions, to build integral wisdom and understanding of our interconnection.  Through the elemental consciousness of space, and the living charge which resides within it, all life is intertwined, interconnected, interlaced with the fabric of life, the web of life, the Creatrix of the Great Mother.   When one understands that Great Mystery of Life, the wisdom of so many cultures seeking to define  the “Great Mother” as that beyond all construct and constraint, that which is infinite, thus beyond all thought and form, we understand she envelopes all of us at all times.  And, through the spacious nature of her existence, her life force and consciousness intertwines between all cells of creation.  She is the space between us, and between our atoms, between all things, which holds a charge of life, which, when understood, is a direct bridge to pure healing and consciousness at all levels.  She is, literally, a part of all life, and the underpinning of life itself.  With this understanding, we are always complete, always connected, always have access to this life sustaining nourishment with flows through all things.  
 Science, also, is entering an understanding of this inter-relationship, and interconnected web of life, which has been articulated since Einstein’s time, in different forms and theories, though not necessarily as I have just described it. Yet, for close to a century, science has understood that even our thoughts and actions, indeed, even our very presence in a room, impacts the nature of reality at a subtle level.  If this is true, then it is only time before that subtle reality manifests into a physical dense reality.   It is especially understood in the Electric Sky theory of the Cosmos, which explains in pure science, how charged gas, or plasma, interlaces all space, that there is nothing that is not permeated by this precious charged spaciousness, and, in simple terms, is the fundamental essence carrying other charged particles which then become our suns and earths, comets and galaxies

Science not only speaks of the web of life interconnecting all forms, but, has come upon yet another incredible view of the macrocosmic/microscomic interconnectedness of life.  Below are two images.  The one on the right is a photograph of human nerve cells in the brain.  The image on the left is an artist’s computer generated representation of how the galaxies of the universe feed into streams or networks of life and light, when one moves far enough away from them to view them in this perspective.  They gather in clusters, which arc together in a vast network, now understood and tangible to modern astrophysicists.  While, to me, it, also, looks much like a nighttime image of an industrialized nation from space, with all the cities, towns, and highways interconnecting each other, it looks far too much like the image of the neurons interconnecting in the brain to ignore the complicity of the universe, a reflection of the macrocosm within the microcosm.  The Mind of God, perhaps we could say.  As Above, so Below, is one of the most ancient adages of wisdom cultures.


The Matrix of Life.
We are all a part.
And, in that indigenous way of understanding, we must enter Right Relationship with All Life, or as one of the grandmother’s says, to enter into the Rhythm of Giving and Taking in Harmony with All Life.  While this refers to the undulating rhythm and current of All Life, which underpins, supports, gives rise to, and nurtures All Life, it is also respectful of the principle of Ayni, Reciprocity, or Karma, which most, if not all, wisdom cultures, also, give understanding to.  The Giving and Taking, “the love you take is equal to the love you make,” as the modern prophets have sung to us.
 What you give is what you receive, what one perceives is what one creates, one must create one’s own state of satisfaction, one is responsible for one’s own state of Wholeness, or, Healing.  They are one and the same.  And, yet, they already exist.  We simply have chosen, or been taught to, focus on that which appears separate, and lost track of that which is Whole.  In truth, we were never separate, and never can be.  Yet, if we are not experiencing it, we also have the power and the knowing to make it so, to create our own satisfaction.  And, this, again, is one of the basic precepts of Buddhism, of the state of Wholeness and Perfection, to be satisfied, to be complete, to be without desire.  And, in this state, we are able to create whatever we choose.  We have the power, and the knowing.

A Living Relationship with the Earth and Cosmos is part of that.  Everything is alive.  Everything is conscious.  We reach out to every living and vibrant consciousness, and honor it, as ourselves, and it responds to us, alive.  Just try it if you have not.  Walk outside, and speak to the vibrant grasses, the unyielding beauty of the flowers blossoming, the trees upswelling, the waters flowing, the animals, clouds and all life you see.  Speak to them as if they were one of you.  Speak to, and honor, all things you meet and see, all you perceive, and all you put your faith and belief in.  Honor it, speak to it, and listen to it’s response.  It may be soft and intangible at first, but when done earnestly, reverently, the Earth and Cosmos will respond.  To recognize one’s unity, and enter living relationship with all elements of Earth and Sky, one enters the state of wholeness, which is the very foundation of our healing, and our being.

We are one.

We are of one Source.
We never could not be.
It does not matter our nomenclature, our identity, our naming of the One, the Divine, the nature of Creation.
What is important, and integral, is to come into understanding of the Nature of Life, the Oneness and unity of Life, and to live from that perspective, in a Harmonious way.

Every day.

Every choice.

Every action we take.

Many blessings to all,

From Zacciah and those who walk with us.