What Are Coherent States?

Synopsis: A key concept in Zacciah’s path of healing, are coherent states, and the fundamental power of  sustaining a coherent state, both for our lives and therapeutic practices. When we go into coherent states, we come into a state of healing, where heavy energy dissolves. This has both psychological, but as well physiological benefits. As well, as Zacciah discusses below, when we emanate a coherent state, not only do we come into a state of wellness, but also we help others come wellness through entrainment.

Lecture: What is coherence? Coherence refers to our the fundamental feeling states. Coherence means, that which binds things together; and, the coherent positive feeling states do this, such as a state of peacefulness, or tranquility, or unconditional love, or compassion and so forth. These bond. People want to be a part of this. They want to be a part of the community, and when you are emanating that field of positive energy, they want to join you in that resonance. Again, this is the nature of entrainment, one of the scientific and mystical principles of sound, and why sound works so readily. When we give a voice, whether it with our crystal bowls, or our drums, to these coherent states, they are emanating into the room; everyone then feels them fully, and they can align with them, they can come into resonance with them, and they can entrain to those states. There is a great deal of science around coherent emotions, such as the Heart Math Institute who not only work with coherent emotions, but also designed or intentional music, or sounds that are intended to bring people into wellness, deep relaxation and so forth. They are showing scientific proof this brings forth psychological wellness through immune response, and through responses with blood pressure and respiratory rate that are measurable. These are the same things our Ancients understood, though might not have had the science to prove it. They understood that coherent states bring about states of wellness at all levels of our being, and that’s why the great master teachers of so many wisdom cultures focus on the coherent states, on how we hold our awareness, how we make our choices and how we pursue our action. The outcome is much more beneficial.