Healing The Earth

Healing the Earth

                         ~ Zacciah Blackburn
                                      August 22, 2018


We are just back from our 8 day sacred tour for Awakening and Healing the Earth.

These are practices to awaken sacred and ‘right’ relationship with the Living Energies of the Earth, to awaken our own inherent states of pure potential, of Divine Essence, and to be in service to the greater Whole, planting seeds of pure joy, light, and harmony in the living Matrix of the Earth, for the benefit of all.

We each have the power, the knowing, the ability and responsibility to engage in prayers for the Earth and each other.

Are you satisfied with your life, our society, our species, our planet?
If not, what actions are you taking to positively make change?
It is so easy to step back, judge and condemn others. What is more challenging is to take responsibility for what one sees before one and within oneself, make clear choices, and take clear action to make for a better future for all of us.

The Earth will make this transition with or without us.

The Elders and prophecies have spoken, and are speaking. We have heard the call, and are taking action, with the guidance and direction of the Elders, Star Elders, and Ancestors, who have planted these seeds of Light throughout time.

The Elders are taking steps, and engaging in prayer and ceremony to re-awaken and re-vitalize the Earth and her people. And we are engaged in similar steps, including revitalizing the Matrix of the Earth, the web that interconnects all beings, with prayers and song, with the Elders blessings.
Our journey to sacred and ancient precious power sites in New England, where we live, is to come into deeper ‘right’ relationship with all aspects, all realms of life here, to continue to awaken and in-vigor those sites and our relationships with the elementals, and the ancestral and celestial guides and teachers.

We are constantly touched by how the Earth and her allies respond, speak with us and bless us as we do this work, collaboratively. We have found we do not have to journey to distant dream lands of the Earth, ancient sacred sites made famous by long ago cultures, though we recognize, honor, and value such places, and have journeyed to many ourselves, and will continue to. What we want to emphasize is that some of the most incredible, life altering experiences, have occurred right here, in our own ‘back yard,’ where we live, with right prayer and intention. There is so much just before us, in our own home lands we can discover and do this sacred work in.

Find the places in your world that touch you, and return the favor. Take your prayers, songs, and offerings there, make ‘right’ relationship with all living things, of both the seen and unseen worlds. Sing your heart songs; drum, rattle, play other instruments that help you touch into the heartfelt gratitude and relationship with the Earth, with the other worlds and the elemental and ancestral keepers of the sacred sites.

It is time. Time to do the work. Time to step up into our rightful place of co-creators and collaborators with all levels of creation, and take responsibility for establishing this new Heaven on Earth. It has always been so, always meant to be so. We carry the original seeds, the original instructions of Creation within us. We need but be still, listen, in silence, and stillness, to touch into those worlds, that wisdom, that level of understanding, which resides within us, let it come forward and speak to us, and through us, that we can do our part.

We each are Divine. And each have Divine Purpose.

Discover yours, and step forward in the world of Co-Creation, in Harmony with All Life, as it was meant to be, as it is. It is seen when we reach this state. It already exists. We simply have allowed ourselves to step out of the Garden, to fall from Grace.
We are Holy beings.

Let us remember this, and resolve those aspects of our own consciousness (beliefs, thoughts, and emotions,) which keep us from fully experiencing and embodying our sacred essence.

In the end, nothing can stop us from realizing this but our own prejudices, misguided beliefs or long held wounds.
Hear the wisdom of the Ancients when they say:  “Physician, heal thyself;” and step into your own inner power and knowing.
Our rightful place is alongside our brothers and sisters everywhere, on all levels, already doing this work, attaining to the new Garden, the New Age of Heaven on Earth. It is already inside us. It is just before us.
It is essential that each of us realize it, and plant the seeds of joy, light and beauty for others to see.

Blessings in the journey.
Zacciah B