Online: The Light of Tara - May 11-12, 2024

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 The Light Of Tara

Wisdom of the Ancients

Through the Voices of the Great Mother

How Do We Access And Integrate Universal Wisdom In Our Journey Of The Soul

Switzlerand Class

Open To All

With Zacciah Blackburn and Dorothy Stone

 Four Class Online ZOOM Seminar

May 11-12, 2024

1-4pm Eastern Daily

4-7pm Central European Time

Presented In English With Live Translation Into Deutsch By Ananda Marker

Registration Fee: $485 USD/$425 CHF

The journey toward Self -realization and fulfillment is the fundamental path laid out by most spiritual traditions for spiritual evolution.
Understanding the true nature of Who We Are as spiritual beings, and Why We Have Come Here are essential queries of our human nature.
In these times, of profound transformation, prophesied by many cultures of the world, this becomes essential.
The Elders of those cultures speak quite specifically to these times we are in, what to do, and what to expect.
Why have we come in these chosen times?
What is the intention and potential we set forward in this embodiment to partake and fulfill?
How do we attain it?
What is the fundamental role of our nature, in relationship to the greater Nature of Life, the Wheel of Life, the Mother of All Life?
We have the ability to access the highest states of being.
It is a simple path when understood.
Why are we so distracted, and in some cases overwhelmed, by the appearance of chaos and confusion in our lives, and in the World?
What is the path of Healing we should take to dissolve the trauma, wounds, and suffering we seem to meet or be unable to resolve in our lives?
Join master teachers and Sacred Sound Channels Dorothy Stone and Zacciah Blackburn, as they undertake this exploration, calling upon their decades of experience, and their unique relationship with sacred guides of the unseen worlds, to enrich us with the blessings of the upper realms, in perfect union with the sanctity of the Living Earth.
They have the potential to take you to those Unseen places, and peer into the vastness of the Heart of Universal creation, that we each might experience, and draw upon our own innate wisdom, to find our place, and our potential to fulfill our purpose here, in this life, in this world.
They call upon the wisdom of the Great Mother of Life, through her many voices.

It is appropriate for novice and experienced practitioners.  You are likely to gain extraordinary experience through this work, no matter your current level of practice, and understanding in the healing arts.  This can be most beneficial for practitioners in other therapeutic fields as well, for both personal and professional insight and use.

There is no pre-requisite for this program.

This is an introduction and opening pathway into Zacciah's Advanced Level Studies


For Additonal Information, and Further Information In Deutsch, Please Contact Viola Stollenmair 

Viola Carrier of Joy
Haus Tatatonga
Viola Stollenmaier
Langenharterstrasse 1
CH-8555 Müllheim
Telefon +41 (0) 52 763 11 02

About Our Instructors

Zacciah Blackburn & Dorothy Stone

Zacciah Blackburn is the Executive Director of Sunreed Instruments and The Center Of Light, and is one of the most experienced instructors in Therapeutic Sound Healing in the world, involved in the field of healing music, sound and shamanic practices for over 45 years. He is a gifted intuitive, trained in classical healing and shamanic traditions, and sacred sound cultures. He teaches internationally, and practices in Vermont, USA. His work focuses on therapeutic sound, spiritual development, and indigenous earth mysteries. Zacciah utilizes sound coupled with sacred intention as a therapeutic tool, in mystical settings, for personal healing and transformation, in private therapies and workshop programs, providing illumined expertise in esoteric practices. He conducts tours worldwide of sacred sites, utilizing & sharing his skills for Earth healing rituals with participants, incorporating sacred sound.

His work with Dorothy has only highlighted and escalated the effectiveness of his practice.

Dorothy Stone is Co-Director at Sunreed Instruments and the Center of Light.

Dorothy has been working in the area of health and wellness for over 30 years. Her background includes allopathic medicine, as well as decades in multiple therapeutic modalities, including sound, healing and consciousness.

Dorothy partners with Zacciah to bring forward the wisdom and voice of the sacred feminine through sacred sound transmissions. Their co-creative energies bring forth a field of sound that facilitates and allows for the elevation of an individual’s meditative experience, and allows for a field of potential that holds the promise of sacred Union with the energies of transformation. Their merging of the seen and unseen worlds fosters a deeper understanding of our role in humanity’s journey into higher octaves of reality.


Every Class Is Recorded For Future Review
Every day of the class will be recorded, and participants will be allowed to download the recording for future review of the educational material. We find very often that students will go back to their recordings time and time again to refresh their knowledge. Please review the terms and conditions of having access to the recordings below.
Recording Terms And Conditions
By registering for a online educational program either with Sunreed Instruments, LLC or The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC you give complete permission to Zacciah Blackburn, The Center of Light Institute of Sound Healing and Shamanic Studies, LLC, of Chester, VT, and their agents and staff to record and use copies of recordings of this program, to provide to the students involved in this program, and to use as they see fit in their promotional materials.  You agree to not share or post any portion of this recording anywhere, or with anyone, without explicit written approval by Zacciah Blackburn.