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Individualized Professional Skill Development Trainings

Individualized Professional Skill Development Trainings

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Sunreed Instruments offers one-on-one individualized, and small group, sound healing trainings. In this, Zacciah Blackburn, PhD. and the student(s) create an individualized program to cover appropriate materials and experiential practices according to the students needs and wishes, and time allotted, also, based on the student's experiential level.

Do you wish to learn more about crystal bowls, or drums, and how to use them, in simple, or more advanced or complex ways?  Do you wish to learn how to incorporate voice practices, chanting or toning, or intuitive or shamanic methods in your practice?  Do you wish to incorporate sound work into your existing psycho-therapeutic, medical, body-work, yoga class, or other holistic practice?

This is an excellent opportunity, to train with Zacciah.  It can be designed specifically to your needs and wishes, ore be open ended, where you can ask him questions that are most relevant to your own understanding for your personal or professional sound practice. You may train on the use of sound healing instruments such as crystal bowls or drums, or may go into the nature of sound, healing and consciousness. Because of the nature of individualized learning, it is quite possible to go quite deep into your needs in less time than large group settings.

For more information about Zacciah and his work with sound healing, please see our sister company The Center of Light. The Center of Light offers up to three years of sound healing training through the School of Sound Healing.

However, these individual sessions can be offered in person (in Vermont,) or by phone or skype. Cost are $150 an hour for individuals. Group sessions are dependent on number of students and level involved. Please add in as many hours as your would like into your cart. We suggest two hours per session for most in depth work.  But you can begin with as little as 1/2 hr. Once paid, we will be in contact with you to set up the appointment.