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Wired 2 Mic USB Audio Package For Sound Healing Online

Wired 2 Mic USB Audio Package For Sound Healing Online

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High quality audio equipment is important when trying to get the full range of volume from a crystal bowl, gong or drum, which normal computer or phone microphones can not handle. It is clear that inexpensive audio equipment does not do a very good job broadcasting sound healing instruments online. This sets include all of the cables and equipment needed to conduct a sound healing meditation online with clear audio. The set includes 2 microphones, one for sound healing instruments, and one for the voice, and a USB mixer/interface that connects to your computer. With this your can record your sound healing meditations, or you can conduct live sound baths or meditations over Zoom or other live video apps. With the purchase of a PA speaker system, you could as well do live performances, in person, with this equipment. We have specifically chosen equipment that we have worked with and trust. The purchase of any of these sets will include a 1 hour consultation to help set up the system and adapt the zoom platform to your audio needs.

What Does This Set Include?

  1. One wired SE7 or SE8 condenser microphone for instruments. The SE7 microphone is top in its price range for recording a wide range of tones at high volume. This microphone is sufficient to record your sound healing instruments. The SE8 microphone is an upgraded version of the SE7 which can handle a wider range of tones, deliver more precise bass and treble, at higher volume, at wider angles. The SE8 as well is slightly quieter than the SE7, so less white noise. Both microphones are excellent choices, just at two different price points. If you are just playing a chakra set of bowls, then the SE7 and SE8 both handle those tones excellent. If you are playing a low toned gong, then the SE8 will bring forward the bass of the gong a little more than the SE7, though both record the gong well. Please watch the video below so hear the difference between the SE7 and SE8.
  2. One SE V7-U microphone for voice
  3. One Mackie ProFX6v3 mixer with usb interface and effects, able to connect 2 microphones to your computer through USB, and has simple effects such as reverb. The mixer as well comes with a free download of professional audio recording software. The code for the free download is found in the package.
  4. One short microphone stand
  5. One tall microphone stand
  6. Two high quality microphone cords
  7. The purchase of any of these sets will include a 1 hour consultation to help set up the system and adapt the zoom platform to your audio needs.


Mixers Look Complicated. Will I Understand Using This System?

Every purchase of a full audio set comes with a one hour consultation with us. We will help you plug in and set up the system to your computer, get on a Zoom call, and show you how to use the mixer with the best settings for your instruments. Customers say again and again that they thought the system would be too complicated, but after the consultation it is actually quite easy to use. After the consultation we are available over the phone and email for any confusions that may happen down the road. We are here to support you in providing your clients high quality audio, and a high quality sound healing session.

Review Our Guide To Purchasing Audio Equipment To Understand What You Need


Still Not Sure What To Get? Need Different Or More Microphones? Give Us A Call!

We have helped many customers make sure they are getting the right microphone, the right mixer, and the right number of microphones. Need more voice microphones or a different number or stands? We can customize a set directly for you. We are happy to listen to your needs, knowing what instruments you are going to use, the size of the space, and the orientation of your setup, to help you gain assurance you are getting the right equipment. Give us a call!

Difference Between SE7 and SE8? Listen To This Gong

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