What Are Zen Singing Bowls?: Zen Singing Bowls are Fair Trade metal singing bowls made in India. The company pays their artists well, and invests in community projects in India. Zen Singing Bowls has designed their bowls over time, to create quality fundamental tones, and a quality playing experience. Choose an individual bowl for your sound bath work, or a whole set below. Contact us with questions!

Zen Singing Bowls are the only manufacturer of Fair Trade Himalayan Singing Bowls. The company owns a factory in Nepal and pays their workers fair wages, and also sets up programs for them for their communities. These are hand crafted bowls, that are made to high standards from start to finish. They are designed specifically for therapeutic settings, and contain deep rich tones with beautiful resonance and sustain for deep relaxation. They can be used on and off the body. Each bowl comes with a case, cushion and striker, and a sound file can be found for each type produced here.