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Wired 4 Mic USB Audio Package For Sound Healing Online

Wired 4 Mic USB Audio Package For Sound Healing Online

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Wired 4 Mic USB Audio Package For Sound Healing Online

Every Audio Package Purchase Comes With A Free One Hour Online Consultation To Teach You To Use This System

High quality audio equipment is important when trying to get the full range of volume from a crystal bowl, gong or drum, which normal computer or phone microphones can not handle. It is clear that inexpensive audio equipment does not do a very good job broadcasting sound healing instruments online. This sets include all of the cables and equipment needed to conduct a sound healing meditation online with clear audio. With the purchase of a PA speaker system, you could as well do live performances, in person, with this equipment. We have specifically chosen equipment that we have worked with and trust. The purchase of any of these sets will include a 1 hour consultation to help set up the system and adapt the zoom platform to your audio needs.

When And How Will It Ship: This system typically will ship the day of or after ordering. It typically ships with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: 

  1. Three wired SE7 or SE8 condenser microphone for instruments
  2. One wired SE V7 voice microphone
  3. One Mackie ProFX12v3 mixer with usb interface and effects, able to connect 5 microphones to your computer through USB, and has simple effects such as reverb. The mixer as well comes with a free download of professional audio recording software. The code for the free download is found in the package.
  4. Three short Quiklok microphone stand for the SE7/SE8 condenser microphones
  5. One tall Quiklok microphone stand for voice microphone
  6. Four high quality XLR microphone chords, to connect the microphones to the mixer
  7. The purchase of each audio equipment package comes with a one hour online consultation with us, where we will help you set up your system and teach you how to use it. Contact us after purchase to set this up.
  8. (Optional) Mackie Thump 12a speaker for live performances, with xlr cable (scroll down for more details)

Product Description:

How does this system work? What does each part of this system do? Why do I need each part of the system?

The microphones pick up both your instruments and voice. The SE7 or SE8 condenser microphones, designed for instruments, and SE V7 voice microphone are connected directly into the mixer with XLR microphone chords. The mixer receives the signal from the microphones. On the mixer are various dials that edit the quality of the sound. During our one hour consultation we will teach you what these dials do, and how to use them to get the best quality sound from each instrument. The signal from the microphones goes into the mixer, and then gets sent into the computer by USB. Your computer recognizes the mixer as your input microphone.

Are 4 microphones the right amount of microphones for my instruments?

The four microphone set includes one microphone for your voice, and three microphone for your instruments. For three condenser microphones, consider the amount of instruments you can fit in a 6 foot by 6 foot space. This set up is capable of recording a full chakra set of crystal singing bowls, plus a gong and basically anything else you can fit in that space. If you are not sure about this system please feel free to contact us and talk to us about the instruments you use. We commonly have detailed conversations with clients about the instruments they use, and the amount of microphones they need to record them well. 

Should I get the SE8 or SE7 condenser microphone?

The SE7 and SE8 condenser microphones is sometimes called a "pencil" microphone, and is commonly used for percussion, instruments, and studio recordings. It look like a small stick, and is highly sensitive. The SE7 and SE8 are two different qualities of condenser microphone. If you are just playing instruments like crystal singing bowls, or chimes, the SE7 will probably work just fine. The difference in quality between the two microphones is relevant when playing an instrument like a drum or gong, where the microphone needs to pick up a deep bass tone. Listen to the video below, where we play a gong, and you can hear the difference in quality between the SE7 and SE8 microphone. Please wear headphones when listening to the recording.

Do I need a wired or wireless voice microphone? 

If you just sit or stand in one place while playing your instruments, and don't move around a room, then you do not need a wireless microphone. If you move though to play different instruments, or move around a room then you need a wireless microphone. You do not want to deal with moving around a wired voice microphone with a microphone chord during a session as you move around playing instruments. See our wireless packages for a wireless voice microphone.

Can't I just purchase a USB microphone and hook it up to my computer?

We have explored multiple USB microphones, and have also had clients who have come to us needing to purchase our equipment after trying USB microphones. USB microphones are not typically designed for instruments, at studio quality, and most likely will not be able to pick up the sound of crystal singing bowls or gongs or drums well. We are offering you professional equipment, designed to pick up the sound of the instruments well, and at this point we would not want to use a USB microphone for our recordings.

Will This System Work With Other Applications Other Than Zoom? Facebook Live? Instagram Live? Etc.?

Yes. This mixer is USB compatible. It can hook up to your computer and work as your computers microphone, so can be used for recording and live stream software such as Facebook Live, Twitch, Instagram Live and YouTube Live. 

Mixers look complicated. Will I understand using this system?

Every purchase of a full audio set comes with a one hour online consultation with us. Just contact us after purchase to set this up. We will help you plug in and set up the system for a Zoom call, and show you how to use the mixer with the best settings for your instruments. Customers say again and again that they thought the system would be too complicated, but after the consultation it is actually quite easy to use. After the consultation we are available over the phone and email for any confusions that may happen down the road. We are here to support you in providing your clients high quality audio, and a high quality sound healing session.

What Speaker Comes With This System? This audio system can be used online, or for live performances. You can hook the system into basically any amplifier with a xlr or ¼” jack input. We are offering with this system a Mackie Thump 12a Speaker System, including the necessary xlr cable to hook it up. The Mackie Thump 12a is versatile. You can use it in a large yoga room, conference center, or outside in a field. It is powerful so can be used in large spaces, though can be turned down to be used for smaller rooms that are 300 square feet as well. 

Review Our Guide To Purchasing Audio Equipment For More Information


Still Not Sure What To Get? Need A Custom Set? Give Us A Call!

We have helped many customers make sure they are getting the right microphone, the right mixer, and the right number of microphones. Need more voice microphones or a different number or stands? We can customize a set directly for you. We are happy to listen to your needs, knowing what instruments you are going to use, the size of the space, and the orientation of your setup, to help you gain assurance you are getting the right equipment. Give us a call!