Black A Note Japanese Style Rin Gong Singing Bowl 10" -45 cents 66000512 *Slight buzz discount

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Black A Note Japanese Style Rin Gong Singing Bowl 10" #j10am45 66000512 *Slight buzz discount

The note of this bowl is A 214 Hz

The overtone of this bowl is D# 627 Hz

Rim Diameter(Outside of Rim): 9.8"

Rim Diameter(Inside of Rim): 9.15"

Bowl Diameter(including Beveled Walls): 10"

Height: 7.25"

Weight: 4 lbs 4 oz.  ~1920 grams

Average Rim Thickness: 7.8mm

This bowl includes a free pillow and a wood/suede striker.

The sound sample is of the actual bowl. The photo is not specific to this product, but an accurate representation.

*This bowl has a slight buzz. This style of bowl is brazed together from two pieces. An inclusion at this union is the most common source of a slight buzz in the sound of this style of bowl. We have discounted the price to reflect the addition of this sound to the sound of the bowl. This bowl still plays great around the rim as a singing bowl, and has a sustain correct for a bowl of this size.