10" Aurora Series Zen Singing Bowls

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10" Aurora Series Zen Singing Bowls

Weight: ~700 grams

Size: approximately 10" in diameter by 4.25" in height

Average Rim Thickness: 2.0mm

This product includes a free felt mallet, a medium purple Crystal Vibes Bamboo Magic Mallet, a Zen Natural Cotton and Buckwheat Cushion, and a Zen Natural Cotton Bag.

Sound sample* includes the bowl struck at the rim. Sound 2 sample includes the bowl sung at the rim with the Crystal Vibes Bamboo Magic Mallet.  *The sound sample and photos are examples of this bulk product and not specific to note or frequency which may vary*

Introducing the Aurora Series by Zen Singing Bowls — a remarkable blend of celestial aesthetics and unmatched playability. Crafted from an exclusive space-grade metal alloy, these bowls exhibit a captivating rainbow iridescence achieved through an alchemical anodic oxidation that changes in light and time. The name "Aurora Series" pays homage to the enchanting light display of the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, encapsulating the essence of cosmic beauty in both appearance and sound.

The Aurora Series focuses on facilitating smooth rim singing, enabling continuous play without the risk of overwhelming vibrations. Primarily designed for deep tones and uninterrupted play, these singing bowls defy their size by being remarkably lightweight, ensuring a comfortable experience for practitioners during extended sessions. The slender profile, courtesy of the space-grade metal alloy, enhances their capacity to produce ultra-deep tones, creating an instrument that effortlessly emits low-frequency sounds. While these bowls may not resonate as long as traditional singing bowls, they compensate with easier uninterrupted play and deeper tones, offering practitioners a unique and immersive sonic experience that bridges the beauty of the aurora with the harmonies of the universe.