Peruvian Chakapa

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Peruvian Chakapa

These are currently being made, and will ship out by mid to late June.

Size: ~17 inches

When And How Will This Ship?: This will typically ship the next day with FedEx and arrive around the continental US within 3-5 business days.

What Will I Receive?: 1 Peruvian Chakapa (the color of the fabric and string used on on the handle can vary. The length of the leaves can slightly vary as well)

Product Description

These leaf fan rattles provide a unique movement of wind and sound that can enhance one's practice in multiple ways.  They are made by shamans of the Matses tribe in Amazonas, Peru, who also use them in their own rituals, ceremonies, and healing practice.  The sound of the rustling leaves itself provides a soothing, comforting, yet powerful sound to add to your practice.  The sound is greatly enhanced by the movement of wind, much like a feather fan of North America, that can easily be used to carry one's prayers and intentions into the spirit world.  They are used to comfort the body, mind and soul.  And, are a powerful tool to invoke one's allies, lineage teachers, and ancestors. One of the most compelling indigenous invocations we have learned is with the use of this rattle fan.  Very powerful.

The chakapa fan rattle is made from leaves of the chakapa plant.

They can be used to cleanse, smooth, and seal one's auric or emotional field of unwanted energies, often in distress due to our modern social conditions and confusing relations.  This can be done for oneself, one's client or group, as well as one's living or practice space. 

The rustling of its leaves, much like a feather fan, can be used to brush away tension and let one's clients or group participants become more in tune with their feelings in their body, so can deepen one's meditative and healing methods. It is loud enough to be heard across a good sized room, so can be a beautiful addition to one's sound bath for a unique accent to one's work.