Perfect Pitch 7-Note Colored Crystal Deluxe Handheld Singing Bowl Set incl. Case

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440 Hz Perfect Pitch 7-Note Colored Crystal Deluxe Handheld Singing Bowl Set incl. Case

This melodic 7-bowl set includes one bowl for each note of the major scale, C-D-E-F-G-A-B, respectively.

All notes of this set are perfect pitch, according to the standard 440 Hz tuning.

Each bowl of this set is a translucent color, according to its corresponding chakra color, making for quite the lustrous set.

The diameter of these handheld bowls ranges from 5"-6.5".

The process of crafting these fine, clear crystal handheld bowls has been perfected over time, working to make them stronger and more efficient.

Each Deluxe Handheld Singing Bowl Set includes 7 TL46 Medium Suede Crystal Bowl Strikers. Each set also includes a masterwork case, which doubles as a stand for the whole set.

The case is 28" long x 16" deep x 16" height, and weighs a total of 32 lbs(bowls included in weight).

Two strong butterfly latches are opened and the top sets into a backward position to easily take the bowls out.

Protective styrofoam is fit to the case, with holes cut to fit each bowl and keep them from moving.

Once the bowls are taken out of the case, the case can be shut again.

On top of the case lid are 7 rubber holes, fit to the diameters of the handles, so that each bowl can be firmly placed on top of the case, and played hands-free, without disturbing the resonance.

There are strong pull handles on both sides of the case, as well as the front.

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