11" F Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Starter Kit

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11" F Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Starter Kit

When And How Will This Ship?: This product ships for free within the Continental US, by FedEx, and will arrive within 3-5 business days.

What Will I Receive?:

1 - 11" F 440hz or 432hz Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl

1 - 12" Sunreed Classic Nesting Case

1 - oring

1 - suede mallet

1 - silicon quartz crystal striker

1 - large rubber ball striker

1 - Free Educational Download - Playing A Single Bowl

Product Description: 

The starter kit is an excellent way to get your first crystal singing bowl. 

We have selected a size of bowl, that will produce an excellent playing experience for this specific note. The size is also ideal for expanding into a full 8 or 9 bowl set in the future.

The bowls are guaranteed to be perfect pitch, and come with our larger Sunreed Guarantee. You can expect your bowl to play easily, be well tuned, and have excellent tonal quality. 

We have as well selected a highly protective case, that has multiple crystal bowl inserts so you can nest future smaller crystal bowls inside this one.

Last, you receive free upgraded mallets, with our quartz crystal striker, and large ball striker. These will cut out the contact noise between the striker and ball, to create a clearer and easier playing experience.

How To Select The Right Starter Kit?:

There are six different starter kits we have created, with different notes available: 14" F, 14" A, 14" C, 13" D, 12" E and 11" F. You can see all of our starter kits here.

The best way to find right starter kit is to listen to the sound files, and decide which tone you enjoy the most. It is really that simple, and doesn't need to be more complicated. The tone you resonate with the most, is a best indicator for which bowl will serve you in your meditation. It is the best indicator for what bowl you will form the best relationship with. Listen to the sound files for each bowl, and relax into them, and feel how the sounds effect you. Another excellent option is to tone a simple "ahhhhh" tone with the sound files. Your voice sings a natural note. It is good to find which bowl will harmonize well with your voice. Any of these starter kits are easy to expand upon in the future, and build into full 8 bowl sets. You do not need to fear that your current purchase of one of these kits, will make expanding your crystal bowl set difficult in the future, or limit your therapeutic potential.

Do I Want 440hz or 432hz Tuning?

There is a good deal of information online about the differences between 440hz and 432hz tuning, and which is better. Here we will just discuss the literal meaning of tuning musical instruments as it is a key understanding for the purchase. If you can imagine a piano, there is a key in the middle called “middle A” or “4th octave A”. On almost all musical instruments in the world this middle A key is tuned to resonate at 440hz. All the other notes higher and lower on a piano are then tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 440hz. This is the meaning of 440hz tuning and is the international standard for tuning musical instruments all over the world. Guitars, flutes, pianos, violins, harps, etc. all over the world are tuned assuming the middle A note equals 440hz. If you are going to purchase your crystal bowl set planning on playing with other musical instruments, such as a harmonium for example, you will most likely want to buy 440hz tuning so that your bowls play in harmony with your musical instruments. 432hz tuning is simply if you flatten the middle A key of a piano or other musical instrument by 8 hz to equal 432hz instead of 440hz. Then all the other notes higher and lower are tuned in relationship to middle A equaling 432hz. With 432hz tuning you get a slightly lower pitch with each note in the set. You can listen to the sounds of 440hz and 432hz tuned bowls at the bottom of the page to help you decide which set is right for you. We simply recommend to listen to the sound files, and decide from your inner ear which you prefer.