What Is The Best Crystal Singing Bowl Set?

What is the best crystal singing bowl set?

We have sold thousands of sets of crystal singing bowls, with many variations, in many different keys, for many different therapeutic purposes. We custom design sets for customers, according to the notes that work best for them, designed for their specific therapeutic practice. What are the best crystal singing bowl sets? Here are some great options:

1)     A 5 bowl harmonic/binaural therapeutic crystal singing bowl set

2)     A 3, 4 or 5 bowl harmonic crystal singing bowl set

3)     A 8 or 9 bowl “chakra” set of crystal singing bowls

4)     A binaural crystal singing bowl set

Read more about each option below.

#1 A 5 bowl harmonic/binaural therapeutic crystal singing bowl set

The set has four bowls that are harmonic with each other, and a fifth bowl to make a theta binaural. For example, the key of C set has the harmonic progression with a 14” C – 12” E – 10” G – 8” C and then offers a second 14” C to create a binaural. You can see that set here.

Harmonics and binaurals are perhaps the most important relationships to work with when using crystal singing bowls. We have written an extensive article on why harmonies work here, and have written about using harmonics and binaurals together here. Harmonics occur when the hz value of two notes are in simple mathematical relationship to each other, so they physically move through space together, and our ears actual hear this relationship as uplifted and beautiful. Binaurals occur when the hz values of two notes are very close together so that a third oscillation occurs (it sounds like a wah-wah-wah-wah effect). Our brain entrains to the oscillation and then elicits brainwaves such as Delta, Theta, or Alpha, depending on which set of bowls are used.

A 5 bowl harmonic/binaural set gives you enough harmonics to create melody. Having four bowls for melody is plenty to create a beautiful and effective soundscape for either a sound bath or to use in therapeutic work. Then, you can mix in the Theta binaural effect with the fifth bowl. The harmonics are useful for relaxation and for eliciting uplifting feeling states; the binaurals are useful for releasing and concentrating. So you can build a good practice going back and forth, between using the binaurals for a minute or so, and then using the harmonics. Click here to see these sets.

#2 A 3, 4 or 5 bowl harmonic crystal singing bowl set

If you want to start smaller than a 7, 8 or 9 bowl chakra set, or don’t want to use binaurals like the set written above, we would suggest starting with a 3, 4 or 5 bowl harmonic set. Harmonics are our top recommendation for any practitioner using sound. You can read about what harmonics are, and why they are effective here. In short, a harmonic set will give you the most harmonic connections between musical notes, so when you play them for your clients, you clients will be enveloped by an uplifting sound environment. From there is it really simple for the client to entrain to the uplifted harmony, going into states of relaxation, or other states of inner wellness. Harmonics are effective; they will bring your clients to more relaxed states and they are very easy to use. Click here to see these sets.

#3 A 8 or 9 bowl “chakra” set of frosted crystal singing bowls

To understand a 8 or 9 bowl set, let’s first discuss the 7 bowl chakra set. The most popular set you will see online is a set of 7 bowls, with notes C – D – E – F – G – A – B, that sings Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti. This is also called the major scale in music. We call this a “chakra set” because people pair each note to a chakra.

Do you need a “chakra” set of 7 bowls to do effective sound work? No. There is no real relationship between any musical note and chakras. You can pair each note with any chakra, and build a practice from that, however it is not true that if you hit any of the notes you will necessarily do anything to a chakra.

So why do people get crystal singing bowls in sets of 7? There is a belief that to be an effective sound healer, you need a big set of crystal singing bowls. There is also the belief that to work with chakras, you must have a set of 7 bowls. There are benefits to working with the major scale (Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti). It has been designed over thousands of years to play uplifted melody. It gives you a lot of options for melody, and is easy to navigate in a way that will always sound pleasant. Some people get bored playing just a few notes, or feel anxious not having enough options, and want a lot of options when they play.

Why buy a 8 or 9 bowl set rather than a 7 bowl set? A 7 bowl set has no conclusive note at the end; it sings Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti, and the “Ti” note leaves the participants without a harmonic conclusion. An 8 bowl set adds in a 8” C note to the end, making the musical progression sing Do-Re-Mi-Fa-So-La-Ti-Do. The final Do with the 8” C has immense harmonic effect, and gives the whole set a melodic conclusion. The final "Do" note is far more important for melody and harmony than the “So” or “La” notes. Adding that 8th note to the chakra set has immense effect without adding much cost.

The 9 bowl set adds a low deep base note to the 8 bowl set. We add a 14” F. This gives a harmonic bass note that the other notes will play harmonically above. It is like having a deep grounding note, and then having the other notes play uplifted above in an angelic way.

In total, with either an 8 or 9 bowl set, you will have a crystal bowl set that give you lots of options. You have 8 or 9 notes to play melodically together, in a way that will always just sound uplifting and nice to the listeners. Click here to see these sets.

#4 A binaural crystal singing bowl set

A binaural occurs when two notes are played at the same time having very similar hz values. Typically the sounds are so close together it is somewhat hard to tell the difference. We typically work within the Theta range, so the bowls have a 4-8hz difference. When the two bowls are played at the same time, a third oscillation occurs, that sounds like a “wah-wah-wah-wah-wah” sound. In the theta range, the brain entrains to the oscillation, and produces theta waves which are associated with deep meditation, deep relaxation or deep sleep.

Experientially, meditating with a binaural is like being disallowed from holding onto discursive thought. The thoughts just go, as the mind is enraptured by the binaurals effect. It is good for letting go, or for coming into a present minded concentrated state.

A binaural pairs great with harmonics. A binaural can send a client into a concentrated state; A harmonic can send a client into an uplifted state; so, using the two together, or one after another, has been shown to be effective. Click here to see these sets.

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