10 Common Questions About Crystal Singing Bowls

10 Common Questions About Crystal Singing Bowls

Are crystal singing bowls better than metal? What is the difference between crystal and metal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls are not better than metal singing bowls. Crystal singing bowls and metal singing bowls have different uses. Crystal singing bowls create a clear loud bell like sound that sustains for a long time. They sing easily and create one tone. Crystal singing bowls are good for sound baths, creating continuous sound, harmony and melody. Metal singing bowls create a multi-tonal layered sound, and are not as loud. They do not sing as easily either. Metal singing bowls are good for intimate therapeutic applications, and for bringing the mind back to focus during a meditation.

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How are crystal singing bowls made?

Frosted and empyrean crystal singing bowls are made by putting crystal sand into a mold, and then super-heating it to 4000 degrees and spinning it into shape. Because the glass gets so hot, the ovens create a very strong bowl that sings well and sustains for a long time. Clear translucent and handle singing bowls are made from already made clear quartz tubing, which is then heated and reshaped into a singing bowl.

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Can crystal singing bowls get cold?

Yes. It is perfectly fine for a crystal singing bowl to get cold in freezing weather. We leave our crystal singing bowls in freezing conditions in the winter, with no problem. We let the bowls come up to above freezing before playing them again.

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How to play crystal singing bowls/how to use crystal singing bowls

Every bowl uses a different technique. Some bowls want more pressure, and others more speed. However, these are the best recommendations for playing a crystal singing bowl:

1)     Hold the mallet almost parallel to the side of the bowl with just a little bit of angle. This will create better contact.

2)     Go around the bowl with your hand, not your wrist. This will create better pressure.

3)     Use more pressure, and less speed. This will create a clearer tone, more reliably.

4)     Ease up on the pressure, and speed, if the bowl plays too loud.

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Why are crystal singing bowls so expensive?

Crystal bowls are partly expensive because of the manufacturing process. The process uses not any silica sand, but specifically quartz sand that is collected from all over the world, transported to the factories in China, and then placed in a kiln that has to be heated to 4000 degrees. After the bowl is made, they are distributed to retailers, who as well must make a living off of selling the bowls. At Sunreed Instruments we take great care in providing the highest quality product we can, and also providing all the educative tools someone would need to make the right purchase for their therapeutic needs. Read more about which crystal singing bowl is right for you here.

What crystal singing bowls should I buy? Which crystal singing bowl should I get?

There is no one bowl that is the best bowl to buy. In general, a customer will hopefully buy a singing bowl that they really like the sound of, and that works well with their therapeutic practice. When buying a crystal singing bowl, consider:

1)     What type of crystal singing bowl should I buy?

2)     How will I use this crystal singing bowl therapeutically?

3)     Do I want one singing bowl, or so I want to buy multiple singing bowls?

4)     What tones does my voice work well with?

5)     Do I need to travel with my singing bowls?

We suggest reading our guides for purchasing singing bowls, and also contacting us for free consultations on singing bowls to make sure you get the best singing bowl or set for your needs. Read our singing bowl guide here.

Where did crystal singing bowls originate from? Where do crystal singing bowls come from? Who invented crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls were originally made for the production of silicon computer chips in the 1980’s. They were also used in thermal and chemical manufacturing because they can get to such high temperatures. They were discovered to have such a beautiful tone, that they began to be used as musical instruments and healing devices. Read more about this subject here.

Where are crystal singing bowls made?

Frosted, clear, handle and empyrean crystal singing bowls are made in China. No matter where you buy your bowl from, all the manufacturing is in China, and then the bowls are distributed around the world. There was a time where there were factories in other places, like France, though these have closed. We specifically work with brands and factories that care about providing quality workplace environments, and are grateful for our partnerships. We care for the quality of our crystal singing bowls, from start to finish. Read more about this subject here.


Where to buy crystal singing bowls?

Crystal singing bowls can be bought with Sunreed Instruments, your source for sound healing. We provide high quality singing bowls, high quality education, and world class service. Give us a call and let one of our sound healing experts help you decide what specific bowl or bowl sets will be right for your specific therapeutic goals.

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What is a crystal singing bowl? What are crystal singing bowls made of?

Crystal singing bowls are quartz glass bowls made from 99.99% quartz silica sand. The bowls are highly resonant, and sustain a beautiful bell like sound for 20 seconds to up to 2 minutes for larger bowls. The bowls were first used by the computer industry, and are still used by factories around the world as crucibles for thermal and chemical processes. The bowls are also used as musical instruments, and sound healing instruments. Thousands of people around the world have incorporated them into their therapeutic practice because of their beautiful healing tones.

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