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Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Sets

We offer a variety of excellent choices for frosted crystal singing bowl sets. Our 7, 8, and 9 bowl sets are excellent to play for individual or group work, meditatively, musically, and for chakra healing, clearing, and balancing practices.  Free educational videos are given with each set purchased.  Frosted sets are easy to play and have a very strong voice. We are among the first companies to offer specialized sets such as minor pentatonic, just intonation, or other musical scales (ask us to assemble any scale, any set you wish.)  You will find a great deal of information on each page about those sets and how they might be used.  But we are also available to consult, explain differences, help you find your best set, as well as spend time with you afterward in one of our private tutorial sessions to learn skilled methods of use in private and group settings.  If you have any questions please give Contact Us! We are always happy to help!