Large Sunreeds Tuning Fork Crystal Foot Attenuators

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Sunreed specializes in its own tuning fork Attenuators, that fit readily on the end of all tuning forks we carry.  It fits most but not all brands of tuning forks. It tightens with a simple hand tightened or set screw, both provided.  The Attenuator has the Flower of Life sculpted into it, and over that, a gemstone of your choosing. The broader surface of the gemstone crystal carries the vibration of the tuning fork more readily and fully into the body or tissue. This leads to greater healing potential from both the tuning fork and the crystal itself.  Those who work with the spectrum of crystals now have the ability to conduct their practice with sound, light, and crystal therapies combined, thus amplifying the effectiveness.  The Flower of Life adds a component of consciousness, interacting with what is understood in most mystical and spiritual traditions to contain the Seed of Life, and the complete spectrum of geometries which are the foundation of Nature, and manifest creation.  If nothing more than a reminder, it reminds us to stand in alliance with the principles of nature in our work.  Yet, those who work with the Sacred Geometries will understand an even more complex universal component is now available to our therapeutic approach, whether using on one self or working with others.
These are best used with weighted forks, which work better to carry vibration into body tissue than unweighted forks.
These are natural gemstones, so color may vary from what is pictured.  Computer screens also do not always carry the exact spectrum of light in a photograph, as they may be calibrated to color differently.  Your purchase includes a felt bag to carry the Attenuator, and keep the additional screw and allen wrench provided for the set screw, in it, as pictured.  The color of felt bag may vary (Currently Royal Blue bags are in stock.)

Please choose which type of crystal you would like on you Attenuator from the list above.  Your purchase is for one crystal Attenuator.  We show all currently available.  You may purchase multiple Attenuators with a different crystal in each one, as you wish.

This style of Attenuator is designed by Dorothy Stone on our Sunreed team.  They are hand made by a master machine craftsman in the USA, who is part of the human consciousness movement, versus being mass machine produced.  They are made of medical grade stainless steel.

Large Attenuators are 25mm in width.