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Crystal Foot Attenuater.

Small Sunreeds Tuning Fork Crystal Foot Attenuaters

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This is a tuning fork Attenuater, that goes on the end of the tuning fork. The Attenuater has the flower of life sculptured into it, and upon that, a gemstone of your choosing. The gemstone crystal helps the vibration of the tuning fork enter the body with its larger surface area. This leads to greater healing potential from both the tuning fork and the crystal itself.

Please choose which type of crystal you would like on you attenuator from the list abovefor your order.

Small Attenuators are 15mm in width.

This style of attenuator is designed by Dorothy Stone on our Sunreed team.  They are hand made by a master machine craftsman in the USA, who is part of the human consciousness movement, versus being mass machine produced.