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Low Ohm Tuning Fork

Low Ohm Tuning Fork

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Low Ohm Tuning Fork


Size: ~11 inch

Weight: ~4 oz.

When And How Will It Ship: This tuning fork typically will ship the day of or after ordering. It will ship with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: 1 Low Ohm Fork tuned to Ohm 68.05hz

Product Description:

The Low Ohm Tuning Fork is exactly one musical octave below the traditional hz frequency for ohm 136.1hz. The Low Ohm fork has a deep and earthy reverberating quality with lovely overtones when activated, and is an excellent choice for working on the body, especially the lower body, as it is particularly grounding. Use alone or with the Mid-Ohm Tuning Fork to create an Ohm Octave, a beautiful healing music interval.