Sunreed's Full Wrap Quartz Crystal Striker

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Sunreed's Full Wrap Quartz Crystal Striker

Size: 8.5" x .75" wide

When And How Will It Ship: This quartz striker typically will ship the day of or after ordering. It ships with FedEx, and will arrive typically 3-7 days after shipment.

What You’ll Receive: full wrap silicon quartz crystal striker

Product Description: The striker is a pure quartz crystal rod with a silicon sleeve covering the full length of the rod, used for our frosted or empyrean bowls. This is the same quality of crystal striker as our other crystal strikers, just with the crystal rod completely covered. The benefit of this is that you will never touch the crystal rod to the crystal bowl (though this would really be a rare occurrence to begin with with our crystal strikers).  The silicon plays the crystal bowl effortlessly, without the 'swishing' sound a suede striker makes on frosted bowls. We have gone through many versions of these crystal strikers to ensure we have found a quality of silicon that truly plays the bowls effortlessly.