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9 Bowl Heaven and Earth Premium Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set

Premium Heaven and Earth 9 Bowl Frosted Crystal Bowl Chakra Sets

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  Premium Heaven and Earth 9 Bowl Frosted Crystal Bowl Chakra Sets

Our Premium quality 9 bowl Heaven and Earth Frosted Singing bowl Chakra sets provide the practitioner with enhanced multiple possibilities for working with the magnificent sounds of crystal bowls musically, harmonically, meditatively, and in advanced chakra and other healing practices, whether working with one’s own healing paradigm, a client based practice, musical performance, or groups.

These are available in both perfect pitch 432 Hz and 440 Hz tunings, in nested sets.

What You Will Receive

The sets include

  1. 9 frosted bowls in perfect pitch 432 Hz or 440 Hz tuning
    1. 14" C, 13" D, 12" E, 11" F, 10" G, 9" A, 8" B, 8" High C
    2. PLUS! a 14"-13" Low F for the Earth Star Chakra
  2. A suede striker and O-Ring to go with each bowl
  3. 2 Rubber Ball Strikers to go with your set
  4. 2 free Quartz Crystal Strikers!
    1. These two types of strikers are among the best to play with Frosted Crystal bowls, and reduce almost all friction sounds of the bowls.
  5. Two free MP3 download relating to the Earth and Soul Star chakras
  6. 5 other educational video downloads including how to use the voice, play a single bowl, play the harmonies, create a chakra meditation, and use the low F bowl in your 9 bowl set.
  7. This qualifies you for our rewards program, where you will receive 10% future orders.
  8. (Please note, this set does NOT include carrying cases. For all multiple bowl sets we recommend our special Nesting Cases, pre-designed to hold up to 3 bowls.  You can view all of our other carrying cases here.  See our nesting suggestions below.)

Why We Are Adding the 8th and 9th Bowl

This set comes with 9 premium grade frosted crystal bowls. The set contains the ‘standard’ seven bowls of the chakra set, tuned to the C major scale. We have added to the standard chakra set, a 8" High C and a 14" Low F to relate to the Soulstar chakra above the head, and the Earth Star chakra below the tailbone. Including these two bowls adds a great deal to the continuity, range, harmonics and enrichment of the more standard 7 bowl set.

13"-14" Low F

14" C

13" D

12" E

11" F

10" G

9" A

8" B

8" High C 

Those who work with the chakras, may well know that the 7 chakra system is but one of many chakra systems of India, as well as other world spiritual cultures. While the chakras may have different names and qualities in different traditions, there are fundamental qualities of the chakras which can be said to be universal. We are including two additional bowls in this set, because of the great value, when working with the chakras, to work with the 8th and 9th chakras above and below our human form, to make greater connection and resonance with these centers in cohesion with the principles of Heaven and Earth. 

The chakras are energy vortices within our human energy system (subtle energy body,) which are intermediaries to different planes of existence. These include our connection to and relationship with elemental energies which are the substance and nature of creation. These include the elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Ether or Space, but also the emotional, mental, spiritual, Buddhic, Logoic, and Monadic planes, and more. We are part of that, we are part of the greater intertwining of all of Creation. When we work to create safe and harmonious resonance within these sacred centers within us, we highlight our ability to interact more completely, from a state of wellness, or wholeness, within aspects of our world and relationships, in our current embodiment.  For in depth information on this, read our other articles here at, but also on our sister educational platform,, or review books we offer for in depth education on the chakras. You can also work personally with our educational experts to learn about the chakras and how to use the bowls. We provide therapeutic and educational services.

The 8" High C note used for the Soul Star, rings above the B note. Adding this high C note finishes off the octave - so instead of your set just playing "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti" it plays "do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do." This final note gives the set a sense of completion, and also opens oneself up to a much more harmonic set, as this eighth bowl is highly harmonic with many other bowls in the set, which creates a sense of musical completion, and a rich feeling of wonder or relaxation within our nervous system and inner energy centers. Also, this 8th bowl opens us up to working with the Soul Star, or 8th chakra, located above the crown of the head. This center equates to our ‘highest individuated consciousness,’ or the seat of our higher essence.

Adding a low F note allows you to work with the Earth Star chakra, located below the root chakra. Being able to work with the Earth and Soul Star chakra together creates a very special connection between the upper and lower ‘poles’ of our energy field, not unlike the North and South poles of the Earth’s magnetic field. These are traditional connecting points for celestial and earth energies which help us become an awakened vessel, or channel, of clear and coherent energy.

The low F creates a foundation tone, which musically adds even more depth to the set. It enriches the harmonies available in the set. And, by identifying it with the Earth Star beneath us, we can learn traditional methods of connecting to the Earth for grounding, release, nourishment, renewal, and alliance with the medicine, elemental, and ancestral energies associated with the Earth Realms. It also serves to anchor us in this embodiment, to allow for greater ‘self-realization,’ which not only incorporates an understanding of Who we are (our ‘essence,’ relating to the Soul Star,) but also our ‘purpose,’ of “Why are we here?” These two questions, Who are we?, and Why are we here?, are foundation questions to spiritual paths of self realization around the world, and integral to our awakening as fully embodied spiritual beings.

Last low F opens up a good deal of harmonic potential with the rest of the C major set. The Low F works as a bass note that all the other bowls may play harmonically above. Please see sound files at the bottom of the page to hear how this would work.

By engaging with the two extra chakras, the Earth and Soul Stars, we activate a dynamic relationship between the two, which allows us to be more fully awake and coherent in our relations to all dimensions of our being, in Earth, and in Heaven. By activating and balancing the other 7 primary chakras in relation this these centers, we create a balanced and harmonious ‘whole.’

These two additional bowls are intended to assist us in accessing and activating these sacred centers as we progress in our work here on Earth. 
The Free “Twin Star” CD download included in this purchase has an advanced level practice to help us understand, access, and activate these seats of consciousness, in a direct experiential setting, that can bring even greater clarity and understanding of these principles. 
For more, please read this simple article on TWIN STAR CD ARTICLE. But, again, consult with our specialists for educational services to greater be able to work with these sacred seats.

You can also see our other Sound Healing CD’s for additional practices, or consult with us for more in depth insight and experiential work in utilizing the bowls, voice, and clear intention and meditative practices for overall wellness, balance, wholeness, within ourselves, and in working with others in a professional practice. 

How Many Cases Will I Need? What Are Nesting Sets? What Cases Will I Receive?

Please read this article to learn about nesting and safety. Nesting sets are sized so that multiple crystal bowls can fit safely within each other, within a single case, so you can carry your set in fewer cases. Our nesting sets will fit perfectly within 3-4 cases (see option 1 and option2 below). The sizes of the bowls are as follows: 13"-14” F, 14" C, 13" D, 12" E, 11" F, 10" G, 9" A, 8" B, 8” C. We are offering this set with our Sunreed Special Nesting Singing Bowl Case . Our nesting singing bowl case comes with padded nesting inserts, so you can nest multiple bowls in a case without needing to add towels or cloth to protect the bowls. This is our current top recommended case, and if you purchase the cases with the set have taken $25 off each case. The case is currently on preorder, and will ship to you separately early July. The bowls will be ship safely within sturdy storage boxes that can be used to store and transport the bowls until the cases arrive. Because the bowls are intentionally sized the correct amount apart, you can nest the set in three cases or four cases.

Option 1: Three Cases (3 - 14") is for you to have the fewest cases possible. However, it can be difficult to remove the singing bowl by one person , and sometimes it takes two people to cooperate to remove them.

Case 1: 14"C, 12" E, 8" B

Case 2: 13" D, 11" F, 9" A  

Case 3: 13”-14" F, 10" G, 8” C

Option Two : Four Cases (3 - 14" and  1 - 12" case)

Case 1: 14"C, 11" F, 8" B

Case 2: 13" D, 10"G

Case 3: 13"-14" F, 8" C

Case 4: 12”E ,9"A


You can view all of our other carrying cases here

Quality guarantee, crystal and voice quality, and perfect pitch

These bowls are guaranteed to be made of premium grade crystal ‘sand’, the highest quality materials in the crystal bowl industry, which gives the best luster and voice quality to the bowls.

They are guaranteed to be within +/-5 cent pitch variation of perfect pitch, in your choice of 432 Hz or 440 Hz tuning. This standard of tuning is far above the crystal bowl industry standard of +/-10 cent variation in tuning for ‘perfect pitch’ bowls, something most crystal bowl retailers do not provide, and often are either not fully educated in, or disclose to you, the customer. We have an over 4 decade background in music, musical instrument making, and sound and shamanic healing practices of various world cultures, and care deeply about the quality of product, and voice of the produce we provide you, for the best benefit for you, and your clients.


These are in stock and ready to ship. Our factory is working with us to provide these premium quality, highly tuned, hand tuned sets. We typically ship out within 1-2 business days with FedEx domestic ground shipping. We are offering free shipping on these sets domestically, within the continental United States. If you are ordering internationally, or from Hawaii or Alaska, our team will reach out to you within one business day with a shipping cost for the delivery. It is usually simpler to reach out to us at or give us a call at 802-875-8111 before ordering so we can give you a shipping cost.

What Are 440hz Sets?

440 Hz is the standard Hz value for tuning instruments internationally. What this means is that the A note in your chakra set (the middle A) rings right at 440hz, and all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to that A being 440hz, so that the set perfectly tones to do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. This is what perfect pitch, or true tone means.

What Are 432Hz Sets?

432hz tuning is if you flatten the middle A note in the set to ring at 432hz instead of 440hz, and then all the other bowls are tuned in relationship to that A being 432hz so that the set tones incrementally and perfectly to do-re-mi-fa-so-la-ti-do. 432hz gives all the bowls a slightly sweeter tone then 440 Hz tuning.

You can read more about 440 and 432 Hz frequencies in our Crystal Bowl Purchasing Guide.


440hz Tuning Sound Files

Low F








High C


432hz Set Sound Files

Low F








High C