Standards For Crystal Singing Bowls

What Is Our Quality Guarantee For Crystal Singing Bowls?

Our business is not new. It was formed in 1977, and we have been playing crystal singing bowls since the early 90s. We have played thousands of crystal singing bowls since then, and have worked many different manufacturers of these bowls. We guarantee aspects of the crystal bowl that we think matter, so that we know you are receiving a good product that you can use effectively. Every bowl on our website goes through a thorough quality check, and is looked over by multiple people before going out the door to you.

1) Quality Of Tone

We guarantee that your quartz crystal singing bowl will play it's note clearly, with minimal fluctuation of the note. Quartz crystal singing bowls are not tone generators, so they all fluctuate a little bit, though we want to provide bowls that have clear notes whether they are struck or sung. Many of our bowls are listed with actual sound files of that bowl. In those cases we guarantee the bowl you will receive will be the bowl recorded.

2) Playability Of The Bowl

Some times a company may send a crystal singing bowls that is very hard to play. We want to provide a easy playing experience for you. Some bowls, like clear bowls, are naturally hard to play, though we guarantee an ease of play for frosted, empyrean and handle bowls. With the right striker method, the sound should come up without great difficulty, and be able to maintained as well.

3) Exactness Of Pitch

Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls are not frequency generators. No crystal bowl plays a single frequency. The sound that you get from a crystal bowl varies depending on how you strike the bowl, how hard you play the bowl and what you are playing the bowl with. Further we have found that different tuners produce different readings for bowls. We understand this and care deeply about providing accurately tuned bowls that will create beautiful harmonies for your meditations, and strive to provide for you the highest quality product we can for precision in tuning and quality of play. Our standards are much more tightly controlled than most industry standards for crystal bowls, and we try to help you understand the nature of the bowls to have the best set. Below you can find our standards for pitch for quartz crystal singing bowls.

For All Individually Listed Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, we guarantee that the bowl has been tested with a tuner to sing, or sustain within +/- 3 cents of the advertised cent value. So if the bowl is listed as a +5 cent bowl, it will sing or sustain between +3 and +8 cents.

For All Quartz Crystal Bowl Sets, tuned to 440hz or 432hz, we guarantee that the bowls will sing or sustain within +/- 5 cents of Perfect Pitch 440hz or 432hz tuning which will ensure harmony. However, from spending lots of time testing these bowls before shipment, I can tell you that we typically send out bowls that are +/- 3 cents from perfect pitch at most.

4) A Quality Customer Service Experience

We are here for you! If you have an issue with a crystal singing bowl we will help you resolve this situation.