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All Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls Sound Files

Here is a selection of Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl Sound Files. The selection begins in the lower octave, or the 3rd octave. These are frosted bowls between 12 and 24 inches is diameter. Note the 3rd octave C and C# are such large bowls and low tones that they can not be easily recorded, so the recordings are soft. It is best to wear a headset when listening to these recordings. Chakra sets, are all in the higher 4th octave - particularly the C, D, E, F, G, A, B in the 4th octave. You may find these sound files under the 3rd octave sound files. Please let us know if you have any questions. We would love to help in any way. or 802-674-9585

3rd octave C

3rd octave C#/Db

3rd octave D

3rd octave D#/Eb

3rd octave E

3rd octave F

3rd octave F#/Gb

3rd octave G

3rd octave G#/Ab

3rd octave A

3rd octave A#/Bb

3rd octave B

4th octave C

4th octave C#/Db

4th octave D

4th octave D#/Eb

4th octave E

4th octave F

4th octave F#/Gb

4th octave G

4th octave G#/Ab

4th octave A

4th octave A#/Bb

4th octave B

5th octave C