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Tuning Fork Gift Set

Tuning Fork Gift Set

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This set includes our ohm octave set, with both the mid ohm and low ohm weighted tuning forks. This is the perfect beginner set for someone looking for weighted tuning forks. Weighted tuning forks are to be used on the body, at specific points where you would like work done. After the tuning fork is activated, the vibration is transferred from the tuning fork into the body. Meeting the tuning fork with an intention of healing, in our experience, leads to positive results for one's mental clarity. These tuning forks are tuned to the classic hz value of ohm, and an octave lower. This set as well includes two crystal tuning fork attenuators, one large and one small. These are metal pieces, that have the flower of life engraved on them, and as well have your choice of crystal attached to them, that go on the end of the tuning fork.Adding crystal attenuators not only carries the resonance more fully and deeply through body tissue, but increases the effect through the quality of the crystal itself. You have your choice of crystals from the selection below. During check out please let us know which crystals you would like for the large and the small attenuator at the special instructions box on the bottom of the screen.