Mayan Seed Pod Rattles


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Mayan Seed Pod Rattle

This rattle is currently out of stock.

Size: about 12 inches

When and how will this ship?: This will ship FedEx and typically arrive within 5-7 days after ordering.

Product Description: This is a beautifully hand crafted Mayan seed pod rattle. These are made by Edgar Rodríguez Nava. He has carved "Malix" on these rattles, which is Mayan for dog. The X letter makes a "Sh" sound. In Northern Maya communities some believe that dogs can see spirits. In ancient times dogs were associated with death and have the job of leading people into the Underworld. They represent fire and are protectors of the hearth - two components of Maya life. The (turkey) feathers are used for energetic cleansing and the ayoyotes (seeds) are used to call the spirit of mother earth.