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Shell Rattle

Shell Rattle

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This is a traditional Cowrie shell medicine rattle, made from a cowrie seashell with leather tassle. This rattle has a soft and sweet voice like gently falling rain, and is very easy to play. We highly recommend this rattle because it is so easy to hold in your hand. You can put it in your pocket or bag and take the soft and sweet tone with you where ever you go. In medicine traditions it would represent, or invoke or honor the Mother Ocean.


Sunreed Simple Meditation Tip!

Rattles are effective in shaking up your train of thought, letting go of tension in your body, and sinking into a place of concentration or spaciousness experiencing a sense of peace within. Here is a simple meditation for using the rattle. Just close your eyes, and start to gentle shake the rattle back and forth, to make a simple beat. Follow the sound of the rattle closely as it moves back and forth. Do this for a minute or so, and then simply take a slow breath in and out, and continue to listen to the rattle. Transition back and forth between focusing on the sound of the rattle, and the in and out of the breath, and you will notice that your mind will quiet, your attention will be focused, and your body will have a greater sense of relaxation in it.