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Cherokee Made Native American Cedar Drone Flute Key Of C

Cherokee Made Native American Cedar Drone Flute Key Of C

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Cherokee Made Native American Drone Flute

Cedar Key Of C


Size: ~14"

Weight: ~1lb

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute usually ships out the next business day after order, with FedEx ground shipping. 

What You’ll Receive: 1 Native American Drone Flute Key of C

Product Description:

This is a drone flute in the key of C minor pentatonic. A drone flute has two different holes on the end that are blown through at the same time. This is simple to do so. One side of the flute plays consistently the note of D# (the second note in the C minor pentatonic scale). The other side of the flute has finger holes and plays the full C minor pentatonic scale (see notes below). This creates a fun, lively joyous experience natural for great happiness and even dancing, but also can be deep and tranquil.

These flutes are made by Traditional Native American Artists and enrolled members of the United Cherokee Ani-Yun-Wiya Nation. They are well tuned instruments, with tones that are cleaner and more rounded then many Native American style flutes we have tried and offered. We are grateful to be able to offer these true Native American flutes to our customers.

For Small Hands: This flute has a small finger stretch that can be managed by most adults.

Notes In Scale: C, D#, F, G, A#