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Sunreed's Native American Drum Kit

Sunreed's Native American Drum Kits

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  • Sunreed Special Soft Beater
  • NW Plain Drum Mallet
  • NW Fringed Drum Mallet

Our DIY Make your own Native American Frame Drum Kit includes instructions, routed frame, rawhide (either elk or buffalo hide), 2 pieces of suede to wrap the back handle, and up to 14 feet of rawhide lace. The kit as well comes with instructions so you can know step by step how to make a great frame drum. We make it easy to make your own Native American frame drum.

We are also available for consultation if you have any difficulty in putting your drum together. Just reach out to us at or 802-875-8111.


For those working in a traditional way, the 'medicine quality' of the animal you are working with, may be the most important ingredient in making your choice.  For those in the Great Plains, Buffalo was the Great Gift of Spirit. Elk was a great medicine giver throughout much of the mountainous regions of North America. Using the hide, like of all parts of an animal is, in indigenous philosophy, a way of honoring the animal and of completing the circle of life.  We do this with great care and respect.