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Sunreed's Pow Wow Drum with Buffalo Hide

Sunreed's Native American Pow Wow Drums

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Sunreed's Native American Pow Wow Drums

Size: 24"x14" / 30"x14" / 36"x14"

When And How Will These Ship?: These pow wow drums are made to order 

What Will I Receive: You will receive one Native American Pow Wow Buffalo drum, in the size requested. Pow Wow beaters and stands are sold separately. See our drum beater section, and pow wow section for beater and stand options.

Product Description: Sunreed's  Pow Wow Drums are fine quality pow wow drums, with deep, rich voices. These drums are created with prayerful intention, and handmade, authentically, by our Native American, NW tribal drum maker. Our drum maker handpicks the hides for each drum. Our Pow Wow Drums are available in Buffalo skin, which will create the deepest tone though upon request we can have these drums made in Moose, Elk or Cow. If you would like the hide changed, please let us know. The pow wow frame is made from maple. The drums are available in 24", 30" and 36" size.  The pow wow drum does not include a stand or beater, which can be found in both the pow wow drum section and native american frame drum section of the site.

We work regularly, ceremonially, with these wonderful drums.  You will find them well suited to your traditional uses. 

Tribal members and associations receive a 10% discount upon verification of their affiliation, out of respect and support for your cultural heritage.  This will be applied after completion of the order.  The order will will not be charged until we have updated your order status.  The discount is not applied in relation to any other discounts.

24" drums are a great option for a portable drum, that will have a deep bass note and still be loud. These drums can shake rooms. They can fit up to 6 people around them (7 would be quite cramped).

30" drums have deeper bass note, and are louder than the 24". They can fit 6-8 people around them.

36" drums are the deepest and loudest option. These drums can fit 8-10 people around them.