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Ultimate Sound Healing Gift Set

Ultimate Sound Healing Gift Set

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This is our ultimate sound healing gift set.

In total you will receive:

1 - 9 Bowl 440hz Heaven and Earth Frosted Crystal Singing Bowl Set

5 - Suede Strikers

2 - Ball Strikers

2 - Crystal Strikers

3 - 14" Purple Sunreed Nesting Cases

1 - 18" Elk or Buffalo Native American Frame drum

1 - 18" Quality Drum Bag

1 - Soft Beater

1 - Emu Egg Rattle

1 - 8 Fork 440hz set of weighted tuning forks

2 - Lrg Crystal Attenuators for the tuning fork set

1 - 26" Chau Gong with stand and mallet

1 - Fur Medicine Rattles

1 - Harmony Ball

1 - Koshi Chime Set (Does not include stand)

For a further breakdown of the products see below:

The set includes a 9 bowl 440hz set of frosted crystal singing bowls beginning in your choice of a Low F or Low G. To hear sound files and learn all about this set click here. Please let us know you preference of a low F or low G in the special instructions box at check out. 

The set also includes 3 14" Sunreed Purple Crystal Bowl Carrying Cases. These are the highest quality carrying cases we have been able to find or offer. You will be able to nest you 9 bowl set within these three cases. To learn more about these cases click here.

The set as well includes your choice of a 18" Moose, Elk or Buffalo drum with a beater. We believe 18" to be the best general size for a drum, and suggest looking at this product page for full information about our great Native American drums and how to choose the best one for you.

You can also check out this video on how to select a Native American drum.

For tuning forks, we are offering our special set of 8 440hz weighted tuning forks, along with 2 of our large crystal attenuators. Please let us know which crystal attenuator you would want in the special instructions box at checkout.

We are also adding to this set a 26" Chau gong and stand. To learn more about this offering, please see our gong gift set offering here.

The set as well includes 1 Fur Medicine Rattle and a harmony ball.

All of these products are marked off 11% off retail value.