The Original Bamboo Saxophone


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The Original Bamboo Saxophone

These are currently unavailable.  

Sizes: C – 13” / Bb – 15” / G – 19” / F – 20” / Eb – 22” / D – 24” / C – 27”

Weight: ~2-3 lbs

When And How Will It Ship: Each flute usually take 60-90 days to make. Expect that you will receive your flute within 3 months after ordering. 

What You’ll Receive: 1 Bamboo Saxophone made by Zacciah Blackburn

Product Description:

Our bamboo saxophones are unique instruments, originally designed and created by Sunreed Instruments. A traditional saxophone mouthpiece, fused onto a piece of bamboo, gives these instruments an incredibly sax-like sound enjoyed by novice & experienced alike. These instruments are being used by a wide variety of professional musicians, including a Grammy Award winning saxophonist. Yet, if you have never played a saxophone, and always wanted to learn, now is your chance. Not only are these economically priced, you will find them a simpler instrument to learn on. They have one full octave of range, and are fully chromatic (play all sharps and flats). They have an upper range available at an octave and a half. They come complete with new mouthpiece (alto), reed, cap, ligature (holds reed in place), warranty, songbook and instructions. Because of the physical acoustics of reeded instruments, these instruments play one octave lower than you would expect an instrument of this size to play. Because they play in the fundamental (lower) range, they will sound lower than their "parent" instrument, which most often play in the upper range. Handcrafted in Vermont, USA.