Individual Crystal Vibes Bamboo Charcoal Singing Bowl Nesting Sleeves sizes 7-14"

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Individual Crystal Vibes Bamboo Charcoal Singing Bowl Nesting Sleeves sizes 7-14"


Sizes: 7" - 14"


When And How Will This Ship?: This will usually ship with FedEx the day after ordering, and arrive within 3-5 business days


What Will I Receive?: Your selection of Crystal Vibes Bamboo Charcoal Singing Bowl Nesting Sleeve


Product Description:

We like these inserts because they are really high quality, and made to exact sizes needed.


Theses nesting sleeves are high quality, in material and stitching. They will withstand time, and keep your crystal bowls safe. They are made with premium Neoprene, lined and sealed inside and out to prevent wear. They also feature a nylon finish at the top border and around the handles for increased durability. The sleeves are double stitched to create an incredibly well built sleeve.


Use them as a bag to carry the bowls in. The inserts are much taller than a crystal bowl, with built in handles, so you can comfortably carry the bowl around in the insert.


Or use them as nesting sleeves to nest multiple crystal bowls together. The crystal bowl nesting sleeves create a padded layer of protection that will allow you to safely nest crystal bowls with a 2" size difference within one another for transport or shipping. Example, an 8" bowl inside of a 10" bowl, and a 9" bowl inside a 11" bowl. Just put the bowl in the insert, and fold the excess fabric into the bowl to create extra padding.


These inserts will work with any of our cases.


Approximate size and weight for each individual sleeve follows:


Material thickness: 2.8 mm


6" size: 6" diameter and 12" height


7" size: 7" diameter and 12.75" height


8" size: 8" diameter and 13.5" height


9" size: 9" diameter and 14.25" height


10" size: 10" diameter and 14.75" height


11" size: 11" diameter and 15" height


12" size: 12" diameter and 16" height


13" size: 13" diameter and 16.5" height


14" size: 14" diameter and 18" height